Childhood Friends Aim For Wrestling Glory In The Hydro

Scotland vs Wales in the biggest show of the year.

On Sunday 19 November in the SSE Hydro, two childhood friends aim to leave their mark on history as they look to become Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) Tag Team Champions for the third time.

Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo, better known as Polo Promotions, will be colliding with Welsh natives and current tag team champions, The Marauders, Mike Bird and Wild Boar.

The pair, who have been best friends since before they can remember, began their journey into the world of wrestling as teenagers after the shock discovery that there was a training school in Linwood.

Mark Coffey said: “It was actually Jackie who found the school and was determined to go. I was actually a bit resistant and first, so he went along with my older brother Joe. He just kept on at me for weeks and weeks that I had to go, that we had to become wrestlers, so eventually I gave in, and we’ve been training and wrestling together ever since.”

After years of hard work, sweat and injuries, the duo eventually began to carve a name for themselves in the growing Glasgow phenomenon, ICW, working as a tag team.

Jackie added: “For years we had been working as solo performers, but when we started working together in ICW it really started to click. We were just having fun, and then as time went on we decided to show that tag team wrestling can be the main event. That we could carry that on our back and for the last three years, we have been doing just that.”

Last year, the ‘Power Forward’ and the self-proclaimed ‘King of Chat’, Mark and Jackie were also in a high stakes match, defending the tag titles against world famous former WWE Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boys, in a marquee match. But to them, this year is more important.

Mark explained: “Since we were six years old, this has been our dream. We’ve been beat up, laughed at and knocked down all with the goal of getting to a show like this, not against a big American team, but UK talent, in an arena like the Hydro! When we started out, that sounded impossible, nobody thought it would ever happen.”

Jackie added: “Professional wrestling in the country has a home and the name plate reads ICW. The reality is we built that home. At the  Hydro, on the biggest stage we will rip the tag team titles from the Welsh, throw those two in the skip and then repair what’s left of the SSE Hydro once ICW blows the roof off the place.”

Polo Promotions vs The Marauders will take place on Sunday 19 November as part of ICW Fear and Loathing 10. The show will also feature former WWE World Champions Kevin Nash, RVD and Rey Mysterio. Tickets are available for over 16s at:

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