PCW Wrestling ‘Fright Night 2017’ FULL Results

The following results are from PCW Wrestling Fright Night 2017 at Evoque Nightclub in Preston, England on October 27th, 2017:


Pre-Show – T-Bone defeated Arcadian by pinfall.

Soner Dursun defeated CJ Banks by pinfall.

Chris Ridgeway defeated Dean Allmark by submission.

Lionheart & Sha Samuels defeated Jake Long & Philip Michael by pinfall.

Following the match, it was announced the Lionheart and Sha Samuels will be a part of the Money In The Bank match in Blackpool on December 1st.

Prior to the scheduled match between Keith Lee and two “Grim Reapers”, the reapers were revealed as Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff.

Triple Threat – Joe Coffey defeated Keith Lee & Dave Mastiff by pinfall.

8-Man Tag Team – Sheikh El-Sham, Tel Banham, Dave Birch & Big T defeated 3 Mates Pissing About (Joey Hayes, Martin Kirby & Danny Hope) & Matthew Brooks by pinfall.

Ashton Smith defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey by pinfall.

Special Referee: Viper – Nightshade & Lucy Cole defeated Veda Scott & Lauren by pinfall.

Following the match, Nightshade and Viper had a staredown until Lucy Cole attacked Viper. Rhio then came to the aid of Viper.

PCW Heavyweight Championship – T-Bone defeated Iestyn Rees by pinfall to win the PCW Heavyweight Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*


Our thanks to Andrew Ogden (@oggypart3) for the results from the event. Check out his review of the event, here.