Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ FULL Results

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling Fight Club at The Garage in Glasgow, Glasgow on October 1st, 2017:


**The following results will contain spoilers for future episodes of Fight Club**

Fite Network (Kid Fite, Lou King Sharp & Krieger) defeated Bad Company (“The Regulator” Wolfgang, Krobar & Stevie James) by pinfall*.

*During the match, The Wee Man and Davey Blaze distracted Bad Company, leading to their loss.

Kenny Williams came to the ring and claimed that 2017 was one of the worst years of his wrestling life but that ICW had never let him down. He then announced that he would face Rey Msyterio at Fear & Loathing X.

Jackie Polo defeated Mike Bird by pinfall.

Joe Coffey came to the ring for his public workout. Red Lightning claimed that no-one was good enough to face Joe Coffey at Fear & Loathing X. Aaron Echo came to the ring and challenged Joe Coffey.

“The Iron King” Joe Coffey defeated Aaron Echo by submission.

The Kings Of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) defeated The Kinky Party (“Big Kink” Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) by pinfall.

Prior to the scheduled Mikey Whiplash vs Sabu match, Leyton Buzzard announced that Joe Hendry was joining the match. Mikey Whiplash informed Joe Hendry that if he did not leave he would “gut him like a fucking fish”. Joe Hendry then left.

Sabu defeated Mikey Whiplash by pinfall.

Following the match, Mikey Whiplash attempted to his Chris Renfrew with a kendo stick. Chris Renfrew told Mikey Whiplash that he had been in hell for six months but now he was going to end him.

ICW Zero-G Championship – BT Gunn defeated Jordan Devlin by submission to retain the ICW Zero-G Championship.

Following the match, Joe Coffey came out and told BT Gunn that he wasn’t getting a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. BT Gunn informed Joe Coffey that he was the only man to pin him this year. Both men then fought in the ring until security managed to break them apart. Joe Coffey told BT Gunn that it would be title for title at Fear & Loathing X.

Prior to the scheduled match between Joe Hendry and DCT, Joe Hendry decided the match should be a tag team contest with himself and Leyton Buzzard facing DCT & Coach Trip.

“The International Sex Hero” DCT & Coach Trip defeated “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry & Leyton Buzzard by submission.

“The Phoenix” Jody Fleisch defeated Stevie Boy by pinfall.

Following the match, Stevie Boy, Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan attacked Jody Fleisch until Jack Jester and Sha Samuels came to his aid.

Thatcher Wright came to the ring and claimed that his book had been stolen in Newcastle and he would not leave until it was returned. Pure Gangster’s Saqib Ali, Donnie T & Prince Asad came to the ring only to be followed by Lionheart. Lionheart then proceeded to Rock Bottom Thatcher Wright before hitting Pure Gangster with a steel chair.

Wild Boar defeated “The Power Forward” Mark Coffey by pinfall*.

*Mike Bird appeared during the contest and distracted Mark Coffey.

Following the match, Wild Boar hit Mark Coffey with one of the ICW Tag Team Championships. Jackie Polo then came to the ring which lead to Mike Bird and Wild Boar leaving the ring. Iestyn Rees then speared Jackie Polo before leaving with Bird & Boar.

ICW Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray defeated Kasey by pinfall* to win the ICW Women’s Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

*During the match, Stevie Xavier, Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan attacked Kasey until DCT and Viper came to the aid of Kasey..

Following the match, The Filthy Generation attacked Kasey until Jack Jester, Sha Samuels and Jody Fleisch came to stop the attack.


Our thanks to Martin Alexander (@MartinXander3) for the results from the event.