Grand Pro Wrestling ‘Back To School 2017’ FULL Results

The following results are from Grand Pro Wrestling Back To School 2017 at The Rose Club in Hindley, Wigan, England on September 1st, 2017:


Fast Track Four-Way – Martin Kirby defeated Bubblegum, Joey Hayes & Isiah Quinn by pinfall. As Bubblegum was the competitor to lose the fall, he can no longer compete in a Fast Track match for the remainder of the year.

LA Austin defeated Big Joe by pinfall.

GPW Tag Team Championship No.1 Contender – Tag Team Gauntlet* – The Midnight Bin Collection (Jet Fashion & Ste Bin Mann) won the GPW Tag Team Championship no.1 contender tag team gauntlet.

*Gauntlet Breakdown: The House Of Isiah (Nate Travis & Nick Maguire) defeated The Biscuit Boys (Rich Tea & Jamie Dodger) by pinfall. Craig Kollins & T-Bone defeated The House Of Isiah by pinfall. Craig Kollins & T-Bone defeated Sandy Beach by pinfall. Craig Kollins & T-Bone defeated The Island Brothers (Rio & Tabu) by pinfall* The Midnight Bin Collection (Jet Fashion & Ste Bin Mann) defeated Craig Kollins & T-Bone by pinfall**.

*T-Bone delivered a low blow prior to the pinfall.

**The Island Brothers hit Craig Kollins and T-Bone with low kicks prior to the match.

Following the match, The Midnight Bin Collection challenge The Bad Lads to defend the GPW Tag Team Championship immediately but The Bad Lads refused and left ringside.

GPW British Championship – Sam Gradwell defeated “Jumpin” Jimmy Jackson by pinfall to win the GPW British Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

Cyanide defeated Ashton Smith by pinfall.

GPW Women’s Championship Tournament – Lana Austin defeated Natalie Wild by pinfall to advance in the GPW Women’s Championship tournament.

During the raffle, Dirk Feelgood announced the creation of Feelgood Media Limited which he would use to take Grand Pro Wrestling to the next level and to find new talent.

GPW Heavyweight Championship* – DDL defeated Dylan Roberts by disqualification. Dylan Roberts retain the GPW Heavyweight Championship.

*During the contest, Martin Kirby attempted to cash in his championship match contract but was stopped by an attack from The Sheikh.


Our thanks to Kevin 456 for the results from the event.