Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum ‘Five Pound Wrestling’ FULL Results

The following results are from Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum Five Pound Wrestling at The Asylum in Glasgow, Scotland on September 3rd, 2017:


Kez Evans defeated Corey Stoker by pinfall.

Soldato defeated Jay Fawkes by pinfall.

Kyle Khaos defeated C.S Rose by pinfall.

Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Cousin Zander) defeated Khifie West & Thatcher Wright by pinfall.

Leyton Buzzard defeated “The Stranger” Fergus Crow by pinfall.

The Purge defeated Kickstart by pinfall.

Austin Osiris defeated Ross Hauser by count-out*.

*During the match, Austin Osiris goaded Ross Hauser out of the ring. As Ross Hauser attempted to get his hands on Austin Osiris, Osiris ducked which lead to Hauser going through a fire door which Osiris quickly shut behind him, locking him out of the building.


Our thanks to Martin Alexander (@MartinXander3) for the results from the event.