Wrestlezone Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 Preview


by Adam Morrison

For the 5th year in a row, the stars of WrestleZone will rock Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom for Aberdeen Anarchy 2017. A phenomenal card has been put together, featuring the best of UK wrestling and the usual American guests. This year, WrestleZone are bringing in former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle, former WWE Women’s Champion Melina and 2015 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Rikishi. What a night this is set to be.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Scotty Swift (c) vs 2017 Regal Rumble Winner Shawn Johnson

The main event will see Scotty Swift defend his Undisputed Championship against 2017 Regal Rumble winner and the golden boy of Sterling Oil, Shawn Johnson. After regaining the then-vacant Undisputed Championship back at the Regal Rumble in March, Scotty Swift later found out it would be Shawn Johnson challenging him for the gold as he last eliminated Grado to win this year’s Regal Rumble Match. Since the Regal Rumble however, Scotty has been unable to pick up a victory on main shows. After Shawn cost Scotty a non-title Blindfold Match in Inverurie against The Super Executioner of all people, Scotty got payback and ambushed Shawn before his main event six-man tag team match. At WrestleZone’s event in Stonehaven last month, Shawn picked up the all important victory in the tag team main event alongside Kid Fite against Scotty and Mr P. With Shawn having the clear momentum heading into Saturday’s title match, is it really the end of the Scotty Swift era?

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament: Final – Fatal Four Way Ladder Match
Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance vs Bryan Tucker va Zach Dynamite

After the semifinals ended in controversy on two seperate occasions, WrestleZone management have finally come to an agreement on the finals of the tournament to crown the inaugural Tri-Counties Champion. Aspen Faith, Bingo Ballance, Bryan Tucker and Zach Dynamite will collide in a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match with the title hanging high above the ring. After the announcement of the title back in October 2016, fans have watched as 16 of WrestleZone’s best did battle in a single-elimination tournament to crown a champion. With Aspen and Bingo going to a time limit draw at the Regal Rumble, it was down to Bryan Tucker and Zach Dynamite to become the first Tri-Counties Champion. Or so we thought, as The King of Catch interfered and prevented both men from becoming champion. As a result, WrestleZone management rescheduled the semifinals for Live in Westhill. After going to a time limit draw, Bryan and Zach interfered in the match between Aspen and Bingo. Chris McDonald then made the decision to put all four remaining competitors in a Ladder Match at the Beach Ballroom to crown a champion. With Bryan Tucker having success in a previous Ladder Match back in 2014, will he have the same luck this Saturday?

Titles vs Hair Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (c) vs The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling) w/Richard R. Russell

Ever since The Rejected shocked WrestleZone and won the Tag Team Championships from The Sterling Brothers at Summerhill Showdown, Richard R. Russell’s men have been unable to win back the gold. With Russell inadvertently costing Alan and William their championship rematch back in March, it looked like that could have been the end of the line for The Sterling Brothers. But as we’ve come to learn with Triple R, he doesn’t back away easily. So he’s made another challenge to The Rejected for a title match at this year’s Beach Ballroom supershow. Archer and Vago were happy to grant them another shot, as long as Richard put his hair on the line. Willing to risk anything to get gold back on his troops, Russell accepted the challenge. Can The Sterling Brothers become Tag Team Champions for the record-breaking fifth time, or will we see a bald Richard R. Russell?

Battle of the Big Men
Lou King Sharp vs Hornswoggle

Back at Summerhill Showdown in January, WrestleZone management representative Chris McDonald announced the three former WWE superstars signed for this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy, the first of those being Hornswoggle. As Chris was finishing up his speech, he was interrupted by Lou King Sharp. Having lost his Fatal Four Way Match earlier in the evening, Lou challenged the former Cruiserweight Champion to a Battle of the Big Men at the Beach Ballroom. After months of waiting, Hornswoggle finally replied to your mother’s favourite wrestler, accepting the challenge. WrestleZone management were keen to oblige and signed this big money match for Aberdeen Anarchy.

Tables Match
Sammii Jayne vs Viper w/Melina

Aberdeen Anarchy will play host to a WrestleZone first this year, a women’s Tables Match between Sammii Jayne and World of Sport star Viper, who will be accompanied by Melina. The last time these two faced off in a WrestleZone ring was at Live in Westhill this past April, where Sammii came out victorious. Following the match, The Queen of Catch issued a challenge to former WWE Women’s Champion Melina for the Beach Ballroom supershow. Unfortunately before Melina could give her answer, she suffered a knee injury. Despite the initial thought that she would be able to compete at the Beach Ballroom, doctors have deemed her unable to wrestle for the time being. However, she will still be in Aberdeen this Saturday in the corner of her replacement Viper. Two of the best women’s workers in the UK will go head to head once again, and the only way to win is to put your opponent through a table!

Andy Wild, Kid Fite & Sha Samuels vs Mr P, Grado & Rikishi

In a huge 6 man tag team match, rivals Andy Wild and Mr P will lead their teams into battle. The former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion has chosen Kid Fite and the debuting Sha Samuels as his partners, while the former 2-time Tag Team Champion has chosen Grado and 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Rikishi to be on his side. After Andy attacked Mr P backstage at the Regal Rumble in March, the two faced off at Live in Westhill this past April with Andy coming out victorious thanks to a hold of the ropes. This led to the two costing each other their respective matches at Live in Stonehaven last month, with Mikkey Vago pinning Wild and Mr P losing a tag match alongside Scotty Swift to Kid Fite and Shawn Johnson. As a result of what happened in Stonehaven, WrestleZone management have agreed to let these two settle their differences at Aberdeen Anarchy.

Johnny Lions w/Sean Wallace vs Damien

One final battle. At Aberdeen Anarchy, former friends battle once again as Johnny Lions faces off against Sterling Oil member Damien. After being defeated in a Triple Threat Match at Live in Stonehaven, Damien shoved Evening Express journalist Sean Wallace which lead to The Revolutionary being dragged away by referees and security. As a result, the former WrestleZone Tag Team Champions will face off at the Beach Ballroom with Wallace in the corner of The Tenacious One. People from the Evening Express have a history of making people tap out; will we see Damien doing so on Saturday?

VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match
Blue Thunder & Bradley Evans vs Lord Mr Malice & Nathan North

Fans lucky enough to have ringside tickets will be treated to a bonus tag team match before general admission doors open. This year, the match sees Blue Thunder and Bradley Evans taking on Lord Mr Malice and the most vintage man on the WrestleZone roster Nathan North. Evans and North only made their main roster debuts this past February, with this being their biggest show to date. The history between Thunder and Malice goes back to last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy pre-show, where Malice wanted to crown ‘Bruce’ as his jester. Malice, who debuted his majestic attire during that match, was instead demolished. Will things be different this time around with Nathan North by his side? Probably not.

Crusher Craib Returns

At Aberdeen Anarchy 2016, Crusher Craib challenged Scotty Swift for his Undisputed Championship in the main event. After a failed attempt at a splash from the top rope, Scotty rolled up The Creator of Carnage for the win. But the news coming out of the match was that Crusher had suffered a serious injury to his hip that’s left him on the shelf to this day. But on June 17th, the big man returns to WrestleZone to make an announcement regarding his future in wrestling. Will he retire? Will he come back to competition? Be there on Saturday to find out!

Meet & Greet

On the afternoon of Aberdeen Anarchy, WrestleZone will be hosting a meet & greet with Hornswoggle, Rikishi and Melina in the Beach Ballroom from 1-3pm. Entry to meet the former WWE superstars is free for all ticket holders and £5 for those without tickets. Any remaining tickets to the show will be available at the meet & greet.


Following Aberdeen Anarchy, WrestleZone will be hosting an after-party at the Bridge Street Social Club. Entry to the show is free and will be held from 10:30pm-3am, with members of the WrestleZone roster in attendance. This will be for over 18s only.

Doors for ringside ticket holders open at 5pm, with the fans given time to meet the stars of Aberdeen Anarchy and watch an additional bonus match. Doors for general admission ticket holders open at 6pm, with the action scheduled to officially begin at 7pm.

Announced Matches
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship: Scotty Swift (c) vs Shawn Johnson
Fatal Four Way Ladder Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship: Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance vs Bryan Tucker va Zach Dynamite
Titles vs Hair Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships: The Rejected (c) vs The Sterling Brothers w/Richard R. Russell
Battle of the Big Men: Lou King Sharp vs Hornswoggle
Tables Match: Sammii Jayne vs Viper w/Melina
Andy Wild, Kid Fite & Sha Samuels vs Mr P, Grado & Rikishi
Johnny Lions w/Sean Wallace vs Damien
VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match: Blue Thunder & Bradley Evans vs Lord Mr Malice & Nathan North