Discovery Wrestling The Elite Preview


by Brandon Bethune

In recent years, British Wrestling is arguably in the best state it has ever been. Across the UK, fantastic professional wrestling is being produced in the likes of England and Northern Ireland, with wrestling transcending across the globe with several UK stars being afforded bigger opportunities in top companies across the globe like Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and WWE, who are looking to present their own United Kingdom show in the future following up from January’s success story of the UK Championship Tournament. Scotland has been a huge part of the expansion of British wrestling, with ICW being chief among the organisations hitting their stride, accomplishing the huge milestone of performing Fear & Loathing in the SSE Hydro in Glasgow last November.

However, one promotion based out of Edinburgh, has been firing on all cylinders since its inception back in 2014. Since their first show, Discovery Wrestling has been getting bigger and bigger presenting some of the best pure wrestling around. It’s all really in the t-shirt, Discovery is all about the wrestling. Combining the stars from the UK like Joe Coffey, Lewis Girvan, and Joe Hendry, with the stars from across the pond like Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and Chris Hero, Discovery has become one of the best wrestling promotions in the UK today bar none.

Now entering their third year, Discovery present the biggest show in its history with April 12th, 2017 presenting, The Elite. Arguably the most sought after tag team in the world, The Young Bucks return to Discovery Wrestling for their second appearance but this time, they bring with them “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega. The trio have been wrestling across the globe at the head of professional wrestling’s biggest faction, The Bullet Club, cementing their name in New Japan Pro Wrestling with Omega’s first appearance at Discovery coming after dominating New Japan by winning last year’s G1 Climax and main eventing Wrestle Kingdom 11 in the most talked about match of 2017 against IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada.

The Elite will be joined by fellow Discovery debutant and fellow NJPW star Will Ospreay among others, as well as some of Discovery’s top wrestlers including Joe Coffey, Marty Scurll, Joe Hendry, and Y Division Champion Lewis Girvan, whom will have to contend with The Elite while having look behind his shoulder at partner Joe Coffey, whom he cheated to retain the Y Division Title against last month with the assistance of Aspen Faith.

Discovery Wrestling: The Elite takes place from the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh, Scotland this Wednesday, and one day before the biggest show in Disco history, I break down each match on the card and preview what will and could go down Wednesday night.

Joe Hendry vs Liam Slater

A staple of Discovery Wrestling since its beginning, Joe Hendry has struggled to find his feet since coming up short against Lewis Girvan in their Y Division Championship Match late last year, but a victory over Dave Conrad at last month’s Discovery event has seen the ‘The Local Hero’ propel himself back into potential title contention.

However, while Joe Hendry has faced many different opponents over his stint in Discovery Wrestling, but he is yet to have come across this Discovery debutant, Liam Slater. A top competitor from around the UK, Liam Slater is a top tag team and singles wrestler and has achieved tremendous accomplishments while mixing high flying and technical style. Liam Slater is yet to appear in a Discovery Wrestling ring but this Wednesday his battle with ‘The Local Hero’ should present a match with a mix of styles.

Can Liam Slater use his technical and high flying ability to overcome Discovery regular Joe Hendry? Or will Hendry use his experience and strength game to overcome the debuting Slater? Another big question going into the contest is how the crowd should react, with Hendry being a charismatic name that always attracts a good reaction, while Liam Slater receives a great reaction from fans wherever he goes, but will the debuting Slater be able get the fans behind him over their ‘Local Hero’? It should be interesting match.

Michael Chase vs An Opponent of Christopher Saynt’s Choosing

The House of Saynt have been looking to make their mark in Discovery Wrestling in recent times, but one man who continues to stand in their way is Michael Chase. A long-standing feud in Discovery Wrestling, Christopher Saynt and his house members have been looking to take Chase down since the beginning, but the rivalry has continued to grow over time.

However, a very interesting wrinkle has seemed to grow in this feud, as House of Saynt member Lou King Sharp has seemed to have taken a liking to Michael Chase after the explosion of his allegiance with Christopher Saynt and partner Theo Doras. Tension has continued to build within the faction for several months with Lou King Sharp continuing to prove a disappointment to his leader, but it was last month’s show that saw the blow up for Sharp and Saynt as after a defeat to Fight Club, Christopher Saynt finally turned his back on Lou King Sharp, brutalising him after he suffered the loss in the tag team match.

The attack on Sharp would draw out the save from Michael Chase, clearing The House of Saynt from the ring, thus making a statement but also while saving Lou King Sharp from the attack. Seeing this, Sharp would immediately attach himself to Michael Chase, presuming him to be his new ‘best friend’.

This creates an interesting dilemma for Chase’s upcoming match, as while he will still have to contend with members of the House of Saynt, his actual opponent remains a mystery. Could Christopher be set to debut a new member of The House of Saynt? A replacement for Lou King Sharp perhaps, but then how will Sharp be involved here after last month’s falling out. The match presents an exciting prospect, but could really swing either way. That is until we find the mystery opponent.

Buffet Club vs Polo Promotions

Buffet Club love to eat. Polo Promotions like to beat. Both teams have their own significant styles in the ring and have wrestled around Scotland to great success in the past, but have never come across each other in the ring at Discovery. Buffet Club and Mark Coffey himself are no strangers to fans of Discovery Wrestling, with Buffet Club being a fixture of the tag team division, and Mark Coffey so far maintaining an undefeated record in Discovery. However, in order to keep that record alive against Buffet Club, he’ll need the help of long time tag partner Jackie Polo.

Making his Discovery Wrestling debut, Jackie Polo will be looking to make his presence known by aiding his partner in keeping his Disco undefeated streak alive, while also starting one of his own by getting a first win under his belt. Buffet Club will have their say in that however, and will look to shatter the burgeoning streak of Coffey while also giving Jackie Polo a rough first appearance. This should prove easier said than done however, with Polo Promotions being the longest reigning tag champs in ICW history, and one of the best tag teams in Scotland. This should prove a hard-hitting encounter.

‘Session Moth’ Martina vs ‘The Amazon’ Ayesha

Going from one Discovery debut to another two, we move onto a match which should represent an incredible clash of styles, with ‘Session Moth’ Martina going head to head with ‘The Amazon’ Ayesha. Talk about opposites, these two fiery women share only one glaring goal, the will to win.

Martina as her name suggests, loves herself a session. A crazy partier known to do anything, Martina presents a particularly unorthodox style of wrestling you are unlikely to see anywhere else in Discovery Wrestling’s women’s division.

Ayesha on the other hand, maintains a brutal move set with different power moves and vicious strikes making her a nightmare for anyone who steps in the ring with her, toe to toe. It is her sheer brutality that has earned her the moniker of being above all else, ‘The Amazon’.

With Ayesha’s power moves and strikes going up against the unpredictable nature of the ‘Session Moth’, anything can happen in this contest. One thing that remains certain however is that both women will be looking to score a big win on their debut, with the tournament crowning Discovery Wrestling’s first Women’s Champion looming on the horizon.

‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll vs ‘The Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay

A rivalry that has transcended the globe. From early bouts all over the UK, to across the pond doing battle in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor, two names now etched into modern day British wrestling, Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay bring their rivalry to Edinburgh this Wednesday afternoon, and if you haven’t had the chance to see Ospreay vs Scurll live, it really must be seen to be believed.

A little background first though, as Marty Scurll is a name that has appeared at Discovery on multiple occasions, but hasn’t been seen since his shortcomings against Lewis Girvan in a Y Division Championship Match late last year. Scurll has accomplished a lot since then however, joining Ring of Honor and capturing the World Television Championship in Ring of Honor’s first UK tour in 10 years, defeating none other than Will Ospreay himself, and has continued his ascension with successful defences including a most recent win over Adam Cole in Orlando at Supercard of Honor. Cole of course a member of The Bullet Club and a friend to none other than The Elite. This is a much different Marty Scurll than Discovery fans are used to, one which is more focused and calculated as ever, which is why he is known simply as ‘The Villain’.

Will Ospreay is no slouch himself, as wile he is yet to step into a Discovery Wrestling ring, he brings with him an indelible reputation from wrestling all over the UK, United States, and Japan. 2016 was in many ways the year of Ospreay, consistently tearing it up on the UK indies, before bringing his skills to ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ mid-year. Ospreay would make an immediate impact, joining IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada’s CHAOS faction as well as winning the coveted Best of the Super Juniors tournament, becoming the youngest and first English wrestler to do so. Arriving in Ring of Honor at the end of the year, Ospreay winning the ROH World Television Title seemed to cap off a fantastic year, before ‘The Villain’ would step in to take Ospreay’s moment.

Despite the fact both men have since fought and teamed with each other, the last big loss suffered by Ospreay over the ‘Reach for the Sky’ tour must sting a little. So, what better way than for ‘The Aerial Assassin’ to get revenge than by scoring a truly massive win in his first ever Discovery Wrestling match against Marty Scurll. The match should again pit Ospreay’s tremendous high flying abilities with Marty Scurll’s villainous tactics and grapple game, and will present a match that will arguably be the match of the night and maybe even an early contender for Discovery’s match of the year. This bout is must see!

The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) vs Team Discovery (Joe Coffey, Lewis Girvan & BT Gunn)

Now the main event, the match everyone is waiting to see, anticipating with sheer excitement. The Elite vs Team Discovery Wrestling. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs Joe Coffey, BT Gunn and Y Division Champion Lewis Girvan. This match has been building for months ever since January 30th’s announcement of The Elite’s arrival in Discovery Wrestling, their six-man battle with the team representing Discovery Wrestling is looming not too far overhead, but there really is more to the contest than that.

As showcased last month, Joe Coffey and Lewis Girvan are far from on the best of terms. A blistering affair over the Y Division Championship last month saw Lewis Girvan shock Discovery fans by turning on Coffey and aligning with ‘The King of Catch’ Aspen Faith in order to remain King of the Y Division, keeping the coveted gold around his waist. This created tension between the two, raising immediate questions going into this match. Can Lewis Girvan & Joe Coffey get along? It seems as if not, with Coffey already demanding a rematch with Girvan for the Y Division Title, but at the same time saying he would be putting their differences aside for one night to topple the challenge of The Elite. Coffey has after all faced almost every big name brought over by Discovery, including Chris Hero, Angelico, Jay Lethal, and Tommaso Ciampa, will Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks be added to Joe’s list?

Joe will need the help of his partners to accomplish this, and while he and Lewis Girvan may not be on the same page, the seemingly forgotten third man in this contest, BT Gunn is a veteran of tag team wrestling and is one who has excelled in doing so across Scotland and in Discovery itself many times before. Could he be the glue that pulls Coffey & Girvan together for one night only to defeat The Elite?

With all the dissension going on around them, Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks will likely look to exploit that to get the win, as the trio is one that has shown they will do anything to win, as is the credo of The Bullet Club. The Young Bucks will be looking to continue upon their first Discovery appearance almost two years ago, while Kenny Omega will be looking to sweep up the competition on his Discovery debut and show why he is the best professional wrestling has to offer, and why they are called, The Elite.