Insane Championship Wrestling Fight Club April 7th 2017 Review


by Mark Leslie – @markmeatsix91


ICW Fight Club is on the road this week coming from the O2 Academy in Leeds.

The show kicks off with Kenny Williams defending the ICW Zero G Championship in his Zero G open challenge. In previous weeks he’s successfully defended the title against the likes of Davey Blaze and Flash Morgan Webster. This week the challenge is answered by Martin Kirby. The match starts off with the two exchanging holds before it breaks down mainly comedy spots back and forth involving both men and referee Thomas Kearns getting low blowed and Thomas delivering an Atomic Drop to Kirby. Kenny wins the match following a Quiff Buster for the three in a light hearted funny match to open up the show.

We cut backstage for a few segments. Lana Austin tries flirting with Ravie Davie but he blows her off saying “Why have Pedigree Chump when there is steak at home” referring to the Session Moth Martina.

Pete Dunne and Chris Renfrew are interviewed about their upcoming match tonight. Dunne says himself and Trent are friends but tonight friendships don’t count and it’s all about the title. Renfrew talks about his recent problems his “best friend” BT Gunn

Back to the ring and we have the former Tag Team Champions, Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey, Polo Promotions taking on The Purge of Stevie James and Krobar. The Purge really impressed me in this match. Working over Mark and cutting off the ring for the majority of the match working really vicious. Mark finally gets the hot tag to Jackie who comes in and cleans house delivering multiple scoops before Mark his the Red Forman followed by the Old Man of Hoy for the win.

We go backstage again where Lana Austin puts on the water works in front of Davey Blaze claiming Ravie Davie tried it on with her. Davey say he will handle it for her.

Kenny Williams is interviewed and says “at Barramania we get five of the best challengers and have a Zero G Championship Scramble match”.

Up next we have Davey Blaze taking on the up and comer Aaron Echo. Echo has had some impressive performances on the tour in losing efforts against the likes of Iestyn Rees and Wolfgang. Not too much to say about this match. Davey Blaze controls most of it while getting into it with the crowd. Echo makes a brief comeback only to get his with the Sparrowhawk and goes down for the three.

Backstage Trent does a brief promo about his upcoming title defense tonight.

Next match we have Lana Austin taking on Viper. Starts off fun with Lana getting Thomas Kearns to pat her down. Just as Thomas’ dreams are about to come true Viper cut him off and has a squeeze herself. Lana tries to roll up Viper but isn’t successful. This match is pretty much Lana bouncing off the bigger, strong Viper. She gets in some offense but Viper hits the Snake Bite but heads up top when Lana hits a Power Bomb and with her feet on the ropes picks up the upset win.

We go straight into our next match which is two of the big guns in ICW both former World Champions as Wolfgang takes on Jack Jester. Both these men are heading into big matches at Barramania 3 with Wolfgang taking on Grado in a battle of who’s the real face of ICW while Jack Jester is facing former friend and Black Label partner Drew Galloway. Solid match between the two big men. Wolfgang hits a big suplex to Jester on the ramp but only leads to a two count. Wolfgang picks up the win following the Howling to add to Jesters recent string of defeats.

Backstage Davey Blaze attacks Ravie Davie for “disrespecting” Lana. She then appears and says “What Lana wants, Lana gets”

Back in ring and we have the Local Hero Joe Hendry taking on the debuting Liam Slater. I’ve not seen a whole lot of Slater before so was looking forward to this match and I was really impressed. This is a real back and forth match with the two exchanging holds and roll ups for near falls. Slater seems to get the better of Joe hitting an ugly looking short powerbomb for a close two count. Joe eventually counters a top rope crossbody into the Freak of Nature to pick up the win in a match that was a lot better than I was expecting it to be. Hope to see more of Liam Slater in ICW in the near future.

Backstage Molly Spartan interviews Jack Jester who says he is sick of Drew Galloway being in his head and will allow Drew to pick the stipulation for their upcoming match at the Barrowlands.

Battle of two big men next as the Bastard Dave Mastiff takes on the winner of the Square Go and the roaming number one contender for the World Title the ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey. Was expecting a lot from this match as I’m a big Joe Coffey fan but it appeared Mastiff injured his leg early on which limited what they could do in the match but they played it up at points where Dave would hit some big moves but couldn’t capitalize and Joe would work over the leg. The finish saw Joe go for the Boston Crab but instead of leaning back he pulled back on the legs which made Mastiff tap out. Was impressed how well they manged to work the legit looking injury into the match.

We stay in the ring and next we have GPWA trainees Layton Buzzard and Michael Park take on the debuting team of Ashton Smith and a familiar face to ICW Rampage Brown. This is a massacre as Asthon and Rampage run right through the two trainees. After the match they call out Bird and Boar for a title match at Barramania 3

Main event time and it sees Trent Seven defending the ICW World Championship against British Strong Style partner Pete Dunne, who is still undefeated in ICW, Chris Renfrew and his New Age Kliq partner BT Gunn. What a great match this is. Hard hitting, crazy dives, tables, awesome moments and PEDIGREES. It’s a match I really suggest people go check out. Crazy finish sees BT Gunn, and then Renfrew, almost get the win but Trent hits a Dragon Suplex followed by the Seventh Heaven on Renfrew to pick up the win. Afterwards British Strong Style Too Sweet each other. Trent shakes the hands of BT and Renfrew who go on to flip each other off. All is not well in the NAK.

Overall this was probably the best Fight Club of the recent shows on the road. I’d recommend checking out Joe Hendry vs Liam Slater and the crazy main event. With only a few shows left until Barramania 3 the next few weeks of ICW Fight Club should be very interesting indeed.