Pro Wrestling Elite ‘Elite Rumble IV’ FULL Results

Pro Wrestling Elite 2

The following results are from Pro Wrestling Elite ‘Elite Rumble IV’ at The Citadel Leisure Centre in Ayr on March 18th, 2017:


Iestyn Rees demanded that Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum crowned him PWE Heavyweight Champion. McCallum knocked down Rees and Joe Hendry entered to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

Pro Wrestling Elite Heavyweight Championship – Joe Hendry defeated Iestyn Rees by Pinfall to win the PWE Heavyweight Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

Joe Coffey defeated Charlie Sterling by Pinfall.

Pro Wrestling Elite Tag Team Championships – The New Age Kliq (Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn) defeated Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith by Pinfall to retain the PWE Tag Team Championships.

Sha Samuels defeated Mr Anderson by Pinfall.

Wolfgang defeated Mark Coffey by Pinfall.

Alberto El Patron was announced to appear on July 22nd at The Citadel in Ayr.

Elite Rumble – Winner: Joe Coffey

Entrant Order:

  1. Sha Samuels
  2. Kenny Williams
  3. Charlie Sterling
  4. Kid Fite
  5. Liam Thomson
  6. Chris Renfrew
  7. BT Gunn
  8. Lewis Girvan
  9. Mark Coffey
  10. Aaron Echo
  11. Wolfgang
  12. Iestyn Rees
  13. Irving Garrett
  14. Ravie Davie
  15. Mr Anderson
  16. Joe Coffey
  17. Ashton Smith
  18. Rampage Brown
  19. Viper
  20. Sebastian
  21. Davey Blaze
  22. Paxxo
  23. TJ Rage
  24. Ace Matthews
  25. Khifie West
  26. Danny Cantrell
  27. Thatcher Wright
  28. Lionheart
  29. Mikey Whiplash
  30. Jack Jester

Elimination Order:

  1. Sha Samuels
  2. BT Gunn
  3. Chris Renfrew
  4. Mark Coffey
  5. Lewis Girvan
  6. Charlie Sterling
  7. Kenny Williams
  8. Aaron Echo
  9. Kid Fite
  10. Irving Garrett
  11. Ravie Davie
  12. Mr Anderson
  13. Ashton Smith
  14. Liam Thomson
  15. Rampage Brown
  16. Davey Blaze
  17. TJ Rage
  18. Ace Matthews
  19. Khifie West
  20. Paxxo
  21. Sebastian
  22. Viper
  23. Danny Cantrell
  24. Thatcher Wright
  25. Iestyn Rees
  26. Jack Jester
  27. Mikey Whiplash
  28. Lionheart
  29. Wolfgang

Our thanks to Fiona Lochrin and Claire Allan for the results from the show.