Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Love and War 2017’ FULL Results


The following results are from Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Love and War 2017’ at The Carleton in Morecambe on February 11th, 2017:


Alpha Omega Wrestling Tag Team Championships – Solar Power (Robbie Solar & Cyanide) defeated Big Sexy (Sexy Kev & Mr Big Shaun Vasey) by Pinfall to retain the AOW Tag Team Championships.

Matt Brookes defeated Ricki Kray by Pinfall.

Mark Brookes used a low blow while the referee was knocked down.

Danny Hope defeated Matt Fox by Pinfall.

Ryan Hunter defeated Bubblegum by Pinfall.

Both men shook hands afterwards.

Sam Gradwell defeated Dean MacManus by Pinfall.

Afterwards Dean attacked Sam only to be saved by Ryan Hunter.

Alpha Omega Wrestling Women’s Championship – Lana Austin defeated Xia Brookside by Pinfall to retain the AOW Women’s Championship.

Alpha Omega Wrestling Championship – King Grayson defeated Joey Hayes by Pinfall.

Alpha Male Interim GM Evil Lewis announced King Grayson vs Danny Hope to take place at the next event.


Our thanks to Craig Hermit for the results from the show.