ICW ‘The 6th Annual Square Go!’ Review by Adam Morrison

February 5th 2017 will go down in ICW history as one of the best days for the company so far. I say this with every ICW show that happens, but it’s hard not to once you’ve seen the action for yourself. All 4 of ICW’s titles were on the line at Newcastle’s O2 Academy as ICW presented the 6th Annual Square Go! Trust me folks, this is a show you need to watch right now.

The ICW commentary team of Billy Kirkwood and William Grange hyped up the show before sending it to “Champagne” Simon Cassidy to introduce the first match of the evening.

ICW Tag Team Championships – Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) (c) vs Bird & Boar (Mike Bird & Wild Boar)

A promo package played on the screens to showcase the rivalry between Polo Promotions and Bird & Boar. Bird & Boar made their way to the stage before Polo Promotions appeared, this being Mark Coffey’s return from injury caused by his opponents for the evening. Bird & Boar managed to keep Mark isolated in their corner until he eventually tagged in Jackie. From there, it was scoop slam city for both Mike Bird and Wild Boar. The challengers looked to get a steel chair involved at one point, but Mark took it for himself and tossed it off the head of Mike Bird, the same man that gave him his head injury in December. Jackie was able to lock Mike in a Rings of Saturn, only for Boar to break things up with a huge splash off the top rope. Mark came storming in, knocking Boar down with his signature forearm to the jaw, but Mike put a stop to him with a fireman’s carry gutbuster. As Wild Boar ascended to the top rope, Mike nailed Coffey with another gutbuster, setting him up for the Mrs Patterson’s Revenge aided splash from the top for the three count. New tag champs were crowned to kick off the 2017 Square Go to the shock of many in attendance.

ICW Zero G Championship #1 Contenders Match – Lewis Girvan vs Andy Wild

The second bout saw another rematch, this time to determine the #1 contender for Kenny Williams’ Zero-G Title as Lewis Girvan battled Andy Wild. The Englishman wasted no time getting things started as he tossed Girvan halfway across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. As the bout progressed, both men went back and forth with suplexes and strikes. Lewis attempted a diving double foot stomp off the top rope but Andy rolled out the way, causing Lewis to land awkwardly. He tried to recover in the corner, but Andy came running in, looking for a running knee to the jaw. However Lewis was able to counter this into a spinning bulldog, transitioning right into the Peacemaker submission for the tapout victory. Both men shared a handshake after the match before Lewis was helped to the backstage area, nursing his knee. The injury caused Lewis to not be cleared to compete in the Square Go later in the evening, which would also be awarded to the winner.

ICW Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Kasey

The second title match of the event saw Kay Lee Ray return to ICW after a tour in Japan to defend her Women’s Title against Kasey. Straight from the start, Kasey outsmarted the champion with her speed. KLR soon took control and eventually nailed her finishing gory bomb but it wasn’t enough. As a result, she attempted a gory bomb into the turnbuckles but Kasey reversed and instead sent the champion face-first into the corner with a flapjack. But just like that, Kay Lee Ray was back in control as she nailed a second gory bomb. Instead of going for the pin, the Queen of Hardcore headed up top, diving off with a swanton bomb. Again, she didn’t go for the pin as she dragged Kasey’s lifeless body up off the mat for a third gory bomb that sealed her the victory and another retain. Who challenges KLR now? Will Viper revieve another crack? Perhaps someone like Martina?

ICW Zero-G Championship – Kenny Williams (c) vs Ricochet

The fourth contest of the Square Go saw Kenny Williams put his Zero-G Title up for grabs against international wrestling sensation Ricochet. This bout was action-packed, making it hard to keep up with. Ricochet came in hot with a float-over northern lights suplex then a forward roll into a dead-lift brainbuster but Kenny managed to get his shoulder up before the three count. The champion springboarded off the ropes with his trademark back elbow but it wasn’t enough. Ricochet took back control, even nailing the Benadryller, but Kenny still managed to kick out. The Future of Flight came in hard with a barrage of stiff kicks to the face, but Kenny showed why he’s champion by kicking out yet again. Ricochet appeared to have Kenny set up for the Vertigo, but Kenny was able to counter into a rollup for the victory to retain his title. The two showed each other mutual respect afterwards, raising each other’s arm while the crowd chanted for one more time. Agreeing with the audience on this one, a rematch somewhere down the line would be superb.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Wolfgang (c) vs Trent Seven

A video package played to hype the next bout, which was a rematch from Fear & Loathing a few months ago. Trent Seven came through the curtain to a huge ovation from the Insane Trent Seven Army. Wolfgang made his way out to a chorus of boos. The action got started right off the bat, with Trent attempting the Seventh Heaven piledriver off the top rope only for Wolfgang to counter. The champion then dove off, looking for The Howling but the challenger rolled out the way. The action made it’s way into the crowd, where two holes were formed in the walls of the O2 Academy. Trent and Wolfgang soon made their onto the stage, where Trent was tossed off into some security guards. The champion then dove off the stage with a huge moonsault press into the crowd. The match spilled out into the entrance way, where Wolfgang countered Trent’s Seventh Heaven into a spine-tingling back body drop on the ramp. The action returned to the ring, where steel chairs and brass knuckles were introduced. Trent refused to stay down, leading to Wolfgang bending a chair over his back with swing after swing from the unforgiving steel. Wolfgang headed up top, again looking for the Howling. Trent again tried to roll out, but the Big Bad Wolf landed right on his ribs. The match continued with signature moves being stolen, as Trent went for the Slam Dunk and Wolfgang went for the Seven Stars. As the match progressed, Trent took Wolfgang up to the top rope with a pile of chairs lying underneath them. The challenger smacked Wolfgang across the jaw with the brass knuckles, then spiked the champion into the chairs with a Seventh Heaven off the top rope for the win. The fans burst with joy, some fans crying with tears of joy as the leader of the Trent Seven Army had finally been crowned champion. Trent took the time to celebrate with his fans before heading backstage, leaving us with one last contest.

6th Annual Square Go Match

Now, for one of Scottish wrestling’s greatest moments of the year ever since its inception. Lionheart and Ravie Davie started the bout, before being joined by Chris Ridgeway, Aaron Echo and The Sam Barbour Experience. The ring started filling up until Johnny Moss and Rampage Brown made their ICW returns to clear out the ring. As they had a stare down, Ravie Davie looked to get involved but he was dismantled limb from limb and eliminated. With Moss and Rampage distracted, Lionheart snuck in and dumped them both out. From here the ring started to fill up with names like Davey Blaze, both members of The Purge and Iestyn Rees all staking their claim in the Square Go. Joe Hendry was out at number 12, parodying Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. The Local Hero entered through the crowd and pulled a out table from under the ring. The Rich Kids ran in to the ring, despite not being official entrants, and distracted The Purge, leading to their elimination. Again, the ring filled up with Chris Toal’s new client Flex Hunter taking everyone out with chokeslams. Jason Prime and Alexander Henry, both members of The New Nation, entered back to back, and destroyed everyone in sight. Jason, Alexander, Davey Blaze and DCT ganged up to dump out Flex, before DCT himself was taken out by the three of them. Christopher Saynt entered next, but was quickly eliminated by Davey Blaze. Davey and The New Nation looked around at the crowd, proud of what they had accomplished thus far. Their faces dropped when BT Gunn entered at number 18. Gunn was able to toss out Jason Prime, before Chris Renfrew, a man who was originally not scheduled to enter due to being in hospital, entered and disposed of Alexander Henry and Davey Blaze. Renfrew and Gunn went at it, soon joined in the ring by the likes of Stevie Boy, Kid Fite, Sha Samuels and the returning Martin Kirby. With the ring again filling up, it was time for Jimmy Havoc to enter and dish out Acid Rainmakers for everyone in sight. Joe Coffey came in next and dumped out everyone he came across. Liam Thomson was scheduled to enter at number 27 with a sink, only to be knocked out by the former World Heavyweight Champion, Wolfgang. The Last King of Scotland then took Liam’s spot in the match, looking to win the Square Go two years in a row, and immediately knocked Stevie Boy off the ropes to eliminate one of the favourites. The last three entrants were huge, as Drew Galloway, Grado and Jack Jester comprised the final 3. With BT Gunn tossed over the top rope and hanging onto the apron, Chris Renfrew accidentally knocked him off, sending him flying into the guard rail. The ring soon cleared out, with Jack Jester dumping out Drew Galloway only to be tossed out himself by Grado. Joe Coffey and Wolfgang then teamed up to eliminate Grado, leaving them as the final two for the second year in a row. They battled it out for several minutes, including a tense moment where The Iron Man was hanging on by the skin of his teeth. Joe finally managed to nail Wolfgang with his Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells lariat to knock him out of the ring, earning himself a future shot at Trent Seven’s World Heavyweight Title. Trent came out to award the briefcase to Joe, with Mark Dallas’ right-hand man Scott Reid following him with two beers. Joe knocked Trent’s out his hands, leading to a stare down and chants of ‘cash it in’. Mark Dallas and security were quick to break up the brawl, leaving Joe to celebrate his victory.

Order of Entry
1. Lionheart
2. Ravie Davie
3. Chris Ridgeway
4. Aaron Echo
5. The Sam Barbour Experience
6. Johnny Moss
7. Rampage Brown
8. Stevie James
9. Iestyn Rees (leather strap)
10. Krobar (kendo stick)
11. Davey Blaze w/The Wee Man
12. Joe Hendry (table)
13. DCT w/Coach Trip
14. Flex Hunter w/Chris Toal
15. Jason Prime
16. Alexander Henry
17. Christopher Saynt
18. BT Gunn
19. Chris Renfrew (steel chair)
20. Stevie Boy
21. Kid Fite
22. Martin Kirby
23. Sha Samuels
24. James Scott
25. Jimmy Havoc
26. Joe Coffey
27. Wolfgang (sink)
28. Drew Galloway
29. Grado
30. Jack Jester

Order of Elimination
1. Chris Ridgeway by Johnny Moss
2. Aaron Echo by Rampage Brown
3. The Sam Barbour Experience by Rampage Brown
4. Ravie Davie by Johnny Moss & Rampage Brown
5. Johnny Moss by Lionheart
6. Rampage Brown by Lionheart
7. Lionheart by Joe Hendry
8. Joe Hendry by Lionheart
9. Stevie James by Davey Blaze
10. Krobar by Flex Hunter
11. Iestyn Rees by Flex Hunter
12. Flex Hunter by Jason Prime, Alexander Henry, Davey Blaze & DCT
13. DCT by Davey Blaze
14. Christopher Saynt by Davey Blaze
15. Jason Prime by BT Gunn
16. Alexander Henry by Chris Renfrew
17. Davey Blaze by Chris Renfrew
18. Sha Samuels by Joe Coffey
19. Kid Fite by Joe Coffey
20. Martin Kirby by Joe Coffey
21. Stevie Boy by Wolfgang
22. James Scott by Joe Coffey
23. Jimmy Havoc by Drew Galloway
24. BT Gunn by Chris Renfrew
25. Chris Renfrew by Grado
26. Drew Galloway by Jack Jester
27. Jack Jester by Grado
28. Grado by Joe Coffey & Wolfgang
29. Wolfgang by Joe Coffey

So, that was the 6th Annual Square Go. What a show it was. Two new champions were crowned, match of the year contenders were held and Joe Coffey finally won the Square Go. All in all, it was a perfect night. The show is available to watch right now on ICW OnDemand.

Quick Results:
ICW Tag Team Championships: Bird & Boar defeated Polo Promotions (c) by Pinfall. *NEW CHAMPION*
ICW Zero G Championship #1 Contenders Match: Lewis Girvan defeated Andy Wild by Pinfall.
ICW Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) defeated Kasey by Pinfall.
ICW Zero-G Championship: Kenny Williams (c) defeated Ricochet by Pinfall.
ICW World Heavyweight Championship: Trent Seven defeated Wolfgang (c) by Pinfall. *NEW CHAMPION*
The 6th Annual Square Go! Match: Joe Coffey last eliminated Wolfgang.