Target Wrestling ‘Best of British III’ FULL Results


The following results are from Target Wrestling’s ‘Best of British III’ event at The Venue in Carlisle on February 4th, 2017:


Karnage defeated Damon by Pinfall.

Medallion defeated DCT by Pinfall.

Following the match Medallion tried to hit DCT with his chain but The Coyote Kid made the save and Medallion escaped through the crowd.

Before the advertised Tag Team Championship match, Marc Allan and Martin Kirby said that James Scott was away taking care of Guest List business. But the Tag Team Championships don’t belong to just 2 wrestlers, they belong to the Guest List and any 2 members of The Guest List can defend the titles. He then announced the newest member of The Guest List, Mikey Whiplash.

Target Wrestling Tag Team Championships – The Guest List IMartin Kirby & Mikey Whiplash) defeated Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch by Pinfall to retain the Target Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

Triple Threat – Mark Coffey defeated Rampage Brown and TJ Rage by Pinfall.

Jackie Polo defeated Joe Coffey by Pinfall.

Following the match The Guest List attacked Jackie Polo, however, Mark Coffey, DCT and Karnage made the save. Jackie Polo then cut a very emotional promo on Joe Coffey and The Guest List and challenged them to an 8 man survivor tag match on Saturday 4th March.

Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship – Jimmy Havoc defeated Shady Nattrass by Disqualification, Shady Nattrass retains the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

After the match Jimmy said he didn’t come all the way from London to Carlisle, for the match to end like that. So it was restarted under No Disqualification rules.

Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship – No Disqualification – Shady Nattrass defeated Jimmy Havoc to retain the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.


Our thanks to Target Wrestling for the results from the show.