Insane Championship Wrestling ‘The 6th Annual Square Go!’ FULL Results


The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling ‘The 6th Annual Square Go!’ at O2 Academy in Newcastle on February 5th, 2017:


ICW Tag Team Championships – Bird & Boar (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) defeated Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) by Pinfall to win the ICW Tag Team Championships. *NEW CHAMPIONS*

ICW Zero G Championship Number One Contendership & Square Go Place – Lewis Girvan defeated Andy Wild by Submission to become number one contender to the ICW Zero G Championship and a place in the 6th Annual Square Go!

ICW Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray defeated Kasey by Pinfall to retain the ICW Women’s Championship.

ICW Zero G Championship – Kenny Williams defeated Ricochet by Pinfall to retain the ICW Zero G Championship.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Trent Seven defeated Wolfgang by Pinfall to win the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

The Sixth Annual Square Go!Winner: Joe Coffey

Elimination Order:

  1. Chris Ridgeway by Johnny Moss
  2. The Sam Barbour Experience by Rampage Brown
  3. Aaron Echo by Rampage Brown
  4. Ravie Davie by Johnny Moss & Rampage Brown
  5. Johnny Moss by Lionheart
  6. Rampage Brown by Lionheart
  7. Lionheart by Joe Hendry
  8. Joe Hendry by Lionheart
  9. Stevie James by ???
  10. Iestyn Rees by Flex Hunter
  11. Krobar by ???
  12. Flex Hunter by ???
  13. DCT by Davey Blaze
  14. Christopher Saynt by ???
  15. Jason Prime by BT Gunn
  16. Alexander Henry by Chris Renfrew
  17. Davey Blaze by Chris Renfrew
  18. Sha Samuels by Joe Coffey
  19. Kid Fite by Joe Coffey
  20. Martin Kirby by ???
  21. James Scott by ???
  22. Stevie Boy by Wolfgang
  23. Jimmy Havoc by Drew Galloway
  24. BT Gunn by Chris Renfrew
  25. Chris Renfrew by ???
  26. Drew Galloway by Jack Jester
  27. Jack Jester by Grado
  28. Grado by Joe Coffey & Wolfgang
  29. Wolfgang by Joe Coffey

Entry Order:

  1. Lionheart
  2. Ravie Davie
  3. Chris Ridgeway
  4. Aaron Echo
  5. The Sam Barbour Experience
  6. Johnny Moss
  7. Rampage Brown
  8. Stevie James
  9. Iestyn Rees – with leather strap
  10. Krobar – with kendo stick
  11. Davey Blaze
  12. Joe Hendry – with table
  13. DCT
  14. Flex Hunter
  15. Jason Prime
  16. Alexander Henry
  17. Christopher Saynt
  18. BT Gunn
  19. Chris Renfrew – with steel chair
  20. Stevie Boy
  21. Kid Fite
  22. Martin Kirby
  23. Sha Samuels
  24. James Scott
  25. Jimmy Havoc
  26. Joe Coffey
  27. Liam Thomson Wolfgang  – with sink
  28. Drew Galloway
  29. Grado
  30. Jack Jester

Trent Seven presented Joe Coffey with the Square Go! briefcase, they are pulled apart as the show ends.


Our thanks to Kevin Morrison for the results from the show.

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