Two Beat the Clock Challenges Announced For LCW Elevation ‘The Test Of Time’

LCW Elevation

LCW Elevation have announced two new matches for their January 29th event, The Test Of Time at the Brockington College in Enderby, Leicester.

It has been confirmed that Jack Clover will face Brett Ryans while Alton Thorne shall compete against Mitchell Page in two Beat The Clock challenge matches in Enderby, Leicester on January 29th at The Test Of Time.

LCW Elevation announced the matches with the following:

Test Of Time Matches Added

As announced, our next show will be on January 29th Sunday at Brockington College, just seven days from today. The show is named ‘The Test Of Time’.

Well we all ready know our Main Event for the afternoon. However it’s time to start announcing some new matches, namely the ‘Test Of Time Matches’

In these matches, normal rules apply, you can win by pin, submission, count out or via a disqualification. The name of the game is to win your match in the quickest time possible, once all the Test Of Time matches have been completed, the man who won his match in the quickest time, will be named the new number one contender.

We can now announce the first two of these matches.

First off the first ever Elevation Champion ‘Brett Ryans’ who is desperate to once again hold the gold, will face off against a newcomer to Elevation.

His name is Jack Clover, a man who has shown fantastic technical skill but is also known, when push comes to shove to be able to throw a mean right hand or a lethal left hook. Clover is more interested in being able to show his wrestling skill, however if his opponent pushes him into a corner, he is more than happy to fight.

This is a first time ever meeting, and a big opportunity for both men. Ryans wants to be at the top of the Elevation mountain once again, where as Clover in his first appearance could be in title contention right out of the gates.

In our second match, some may call this, the biggest miss match in Elevation history. In one corner we have the man who has been on a tirade since stepping into Elevation, Alton Thorne, Who has yet to finish his unsettled business with former Elevation Champion White Tiger. Thorne also craves to hold the Elevation Championship himself, which he has come close to on a couple of occasions. He will be looking to steam roll past his opponent.

Who will be Mitchell Page, Mitchell Page has yet to win a match in Elevation. Though the young teenager has shown, heart, courage, and has not been scared at any obstacle thrown in his way thus far in his young career. Page is clearly the underdog in this one, though if Alton Thorne, over looks Page, then that could certainly be his downfall.

wropes-longPhoto Credit: LCW Elevation

wropes-longPhoto Credit: LCW Elevation

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

LCW Elevation Tag Team Championship – Falls Count Anywhere, Tornado Tag Team

4Ever Young (Tyler Owens & Antonio Gonzalez) (c) vs The Alpha Brothers (Ricky & Johnny Alpha)


Test Of Time – Beat The Clock Challenge

Jack Clover vs Brett Ryans


Test Of Time – Beat The Clock Challenge

Mitchell Page vs Alton Thorne


More Information

Doors Open: 2.30pm. Bell Time: 3.00pm.

Tickets: Available on the door, on the day (dependent on availability).

Source: LCW Elevation