World Association Of Wrestling ‘Night of Champions’ FULL Results


The following results are from World Association Of Wrestling ‘Night of Champions‘ at EPIC Studios, Norwich on January 20th, 2017:


Blackbelt Tom Dawkins defeated Mitchell Starr by Pinfall to qualify for the WAW British Heavyweight Championship Match.

Aaron Sharp defeated Ruffneck by Pinfall to qualify for the WAW British Heavyweight Championship Match.

WAW Under-23 Championship – PJ Knight defeated Brad O’Brien by Pinfall to retain the WAW Under-23 Championship.

WAW European Heavyweight Championship – Robin Lekime with Tommy Lee defeated King Kendo and Demolition Davies by Pinfall when he pinned Davies while Lee held Kendo’s legs around the ropes to win the WAW European Heavyweight Championship. **NEW CHAMPION**

Sky’s The Limit Contract – Ladder Match – Peter Nixon defeated The Morning Star w/Innocence, KOSS Industries (Kosta K and Prince Malik), Drew Marshall, Villman, Matt Walters, Mikey Chase, Kip Sabian, Mr Williams and Bill Duffy.

The studio lights went out and Killjoy the Clown appeared in the ring as they came back on. Killjoy attacked Peter Nixon before fleeing from the ringside area.

WAW Academy Championship – Malky Taggart defeated Sonny Smasher by Pinfall to win the WAW Academy Championship. **NEW CHAMPION**

Roy Knight defeated Alex Young by Pinfall.

Alex Young admitted that he had lost this battle against Roy Knight but that the war was far from over. Before Roy was able to respond Alex spat in his face, prompting the Zebra Kid to drop his microphone and give chase to the already fleeing Young.

WAW British Heavyweight Championship – Aaron Sharp defeated Blackbelt Tom Dawkins by Pinfall to win the vacant WAW British Heavyweight Championship. **NEW CHAMPION**

Former Open Light Heavyweight Champion Jody Fleisch explained how it was unfair that he had to defend his title against so many competitors when he lost the title in December, and that he would like to join the match to make up for it. Ricky Knight Jr blindsided El Ligero in the ring and tried to attack Fleisch as well but was reversed and sent rolling down the entrance ramp by a hurracanrana.

WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat – Ricky Knight Jr defeated El Ligero and Jody Fleisch by Pinfall when he pinned Fleisch to retain the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship.

Zak Knight defeated Ricky Knight w/Old School by disqualification after Old School attacked Zak.

During the match Old School were banished backstage by referee David Finch but Jimmy Ocean hid underneath the ring and continued to attack Zak whenever Finch was distracted. This continued until Zak countered Ocean’s attacks and Old School returned to save their compatriots.

Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Brad Slayer, Roy Knight, Kip Sabian, Under-23 Champion PJ Knight, and Sonny Smasher hit the ringside area to save Zak Knight and counter Old School’s presence. Once Zak had recovered he explained that taking such a beating was worth it knowing that he was now in charge of WAW, and that meant he would be able to make matches for tomorrow’s War Games iPPV without anyone being able to stop him. As a result, he announced that tomorrow would see a 7 on 7 elimination match pitting Old School against himself, Roy and PJ Knight, Special Edition, Sonny Smasher, and King Kendo.

WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship – Two Out Of Three Falls – Brad Slayer defeated Nathan Cruz by two falls to one to retain the WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.

Falls Breakdown:
 – Nathan Cruz defeated Brad Slayer by Submission.
– Brad Slayer defeated Nathan Cruz by Pinfall.
– Brad Slayer defeated Nathan Cruz by Submission.


Our thanks to World Association Of Wrestling for the results from show.