Falls Count Anywhere Championship Main Event Confirmed For LCW Elevation ‘The Test Of Time’

LCW Elevation

LCW Elevation have confirmed the main event for their January 29th event, The Test Of Time at the Brockington College in Enderby, Leicester.

It has been announced that Tyler Owens and Antonio Gonzalez of 4Ever Young will defend the LCW Elevation Tag Team Championship against The Alpha Brothers in a falls count anywhere, tornado tag team match in Enderby, Leicester on January 29th at The Test Of Time.

LCW Elevation announced the match with the following:

As we previously posted, we can officially announce that January 29th we hold our next Elevation show. The show is called “The Test Of Time”

The reason being, on the 29th of January we will host a series of contests, called the ‘Beat The Clock Challenge’. Meaning the man who is able to win his match in the quickest time, against the other match times, will be the winner of the ‘Beat The Clock’ challenge, and will be the next number one contender to the Elevation Championship.

Normal rules still apply in these matches, such as count outs and disqualifcations. Draws are also possible, for example if a match goes longer then the previously best set time, that match will end and be declared a draw. Hence the name ‘Test Of Time’ as each challenger will be tested, if they are to become Number One Contender.

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We can however tell you what our Main Event is, as this was announced at our last Elevation show. It’s another first for Elevation, the Elevation Tag Team Championships, currently held by 4Ever Young will be defended in a ‘Falls Count Anywhere, Tornado Tag Team Match’ against their arch rivals The Alpha Brothers.

This match came about, after 4Ever Young successfully defended their Championships in a 4 Corner Tag Team Elimination match, lastly eliminating The Alpha Brothers. However Ricky Alpha’ foot was on the bottom rope, during the referee’s count, which he did not see at the time. The referees decision was and is final, however after Ricky and Johnny protested, 4Ever Young took to the mic and said they’d give The Alpha Brothers another shot at their Gold any time.

Joseph Conners would then set the match, with one extra stipulation. He would grant The Alpha Brothers one more shot at 4Ever Youngs Gold, though if they are unable to become the Champions. They will be unable to challenge for the Gold again during 4Ever Youngs Championship reign.

These two teams are clearly the top teams in Elevation history thus far, they’ve been rivals for way over a year. The Alpha Brothers claim they are the uncrowned Champions, well here they have their final chance to prove that. 4Ever Young have two successful Championship defences to their name so far, will they make it a third? Time Will Tell On January 29th.

wropes-longPhoto Credit: LCW Elevation

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

LCW Elevation Tag Team Championship – Falls Count Anywhere, Tornado Tag Team

4Ever Young (Tyler Owens & Antonio Gonzalez) (c) vs The Alpha Brothers (Ricky & Johnny Alpha)


More Information

Doors Open: 2.30pm. Bell Time: 3.00pm.

Tickets: Available on the door, on the day (dependent on availability).

Source: LCW Elevation