BRACKET BREAKDOWN: WWE ‘United Kingdom Championship Tournament’

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We’re now getting even closer to the momentous “WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament” in Blackpool. Last night with only 5 days until it all kicks off, WWE announced the official brackets for the tournament. So to follow on from my preview article which ran down each of the men in the tournament and gave some predictions, which you can can read here, I thought it would be a good idea to look at each of the first round contests and discuss them.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Tyler Bate vs Tucker


Tale of the Tape
Dudley, England Hometown Belfast, Northern Ireland
5′ 7″ Height 5′ 8″
175 Weight (lbs) 191
 2012 Debut 2006

This should be a cracking contest, as with every other first round match in this tournament these two have never met in singles competition before. Both of these men have speed on their side but can also take it to the ground if necessary, so either way this one will be a close one to call. Tucker has the slight weight advantage so I can see that being used to his benefit, he also has a huge advantage in terms of experience so will we see that come in to play? All in all this will be a great match between two relatively evenly matched opponents.

Prediction: Tyler Bate

Jordan Devlin vs Danny Burch


Tale of the Tape
Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland Hometown London, England
5′ 10″ Height 6′ 0″
182 Weight (lbs) 190
 2006 Debut 2003

The stats seem to have this down as a rather even affair, this one has the potential to be a technical masterclass. Burch and Devlin are both well versed in various styles of wrestling and can brawl if they have to. Devlin has a slight advantage in my eyes as he has some great aerial offence which would certainly come to his advantage. Burch will look to keep this on the ground at all times and possibly work on Devlin’s legs to stop him from hitting that huge moonsault.

Prediction: Jordan Devlin

Trent Seven vs H.C. Dyer


Tale of the Tape
Wolverhampton, England Hometown Cambridge, England
5′ 10″ Height 5′ 11″
210 Weight (lbs) 213
 2009 Debut N/A

I am looking forward to this bout very much! Obviously a first time encounter here between two evenly matched, hard hitters. I can see this being a good display of British Strong Style but Trent can also pull out his technical offence whenever he wants to so if Dyer gets the better of him, expect to see Trent take this to the ground. Trent has been one of the poster boys of the tournament so will be looking to impress in the opening round.

Prediction: Trent Seven

Wolfgang vs Tyson T-Bone


Tale of the Tape
Glasgow, Scotland Hometown Malvern, England
6′ 1″ Height 6′ 0″
255 Weight (lbs) 245
 2003 Debut 2007

This match isn’t going to pretty at all, both men in this match love a good scrap so expect to see a straight up fight. Wolfgang takes the ten pound weight advantage which could come into play, he is also the more experienced of the two and as the ICW World Heavyweight Champion is used to competing on such a large stage. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Wolfgang pull out some dirty tactics to get the win here and if he brings his trusty brass knucks, T-Bone better be worried.

Prediction: Wolfgang

Mark Andrews vs Dan Moloney


Tale of the Tape
Cardiff, Wales Hometown Birmingham, England
5′ 8″ Height 5′ 10″
160 Weight (lbs) 216
 2006 Debut 2013

Mark Andrews is probably the most well known man going into this competition with his worldwide exposure on TNA following his victory on British Boot Camp 2, but no amount of popularity can protect you from the sheer brute that is Dan Moloney. Significant weight advantage here for Moloney who will be looking to keep Andrews on the mat at all times; however, Andrews does have 7 years of experience over Moloney which could certainly come into play. Andrews is no stranger to competing against bigger opponents, last year alone he had two tremendous matches against Chris Hero and coming out on top in the latter of the two. This is going to be a very interesting match to watch, I certainly can’t wait to see what happens.

Prediction: Mark Andrews

James Drake vs Joseph Conners


Tale of the Tape
Blackpool, England Hometown Nottingham, England
5′ 11″ Height 6′ 1″
178 Weight (lbs) 193
 2010 Debut 2006

I can see this one being very closely contested, with not too much of a difference in terms of size, the area where there is an advantage for one of the competitors is experience. Conners boasts 4 years of experience over Drake which could be an important factor, he has also experienced what it is like to be the figurehead of a popular promotion with WCPW. I think here you’re going to get your classic match, hometown hero against the evil villain. There should be some good storytelling here and some great in ring action to accompany.

Prediction: James Drake

Pete Dunne vs Roy Johnson


Tale of the Tape
Birmingham , England Hometown London, England
5′ 10″ Height 6′ 0″
205 Weight (lbs) 239
 2005 Debut 2015

Another one of the poster boys for the tournament, Pete Dunne will be looking to progress here but the big former powerlifting ‘Body Guy’ stands in his road. Boasting the significant weight advantage, Roy Johnson will come into this contest trying to out power Dunne. This could be a bad idea as ‘The Bruiserweight’ is the personification of British Strong Style, he can hit you with incredible force and then tie you up in knots before you even know what’s going on. Dunne has a decade of experience over Johnson and as the current PROGRESS Champion he has a lot of pressure on him to do well, so I can’t see him falling at the first hurdle.

Prediction: Pete Dunne

Saxon Huxley vs Sam Gradwell


Tale of the Tape
Hartlepool, England Hometown Blackpool, England
6′ 3″ Height 6′ 1″
220 Weight (lbs) 210
 2010 Debut 2009

Oh boy! Two big hosses in this contest. Huxley comes in the slightly bigger of the two but I don’t see size playing much of a factor here. Gradwell has stated his intentions as he wants to become a fixture in WWE so he will be looking to pick up the win here. I can see these two just going at it from the off and having one hell of a match, with Gradwell being the smaller of the two he is also very fast for a big man and will try and use that to his advantage.

Prediction: Sam Gradwell

You can see the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament on the WWE Network on January 14th and 15th at 8pm GMT. 

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