Eighth Match Announced For Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Love And War 2017’


Alpha Omega Wrestling have announced an eighth match for their February 11th event, Love And War 2017 at The Carleton in Morecambe.

It has been confirmed that “Delicious” Danny Hope will face “Fantastic” Matt Fox in singles competition in Morecambe on February 11th at Love And War 2017.

Alpha Omega Wrestling announced the match with the following:

Fantastic Matt Fox debuted at Rising Stars and challenged any Alpha Omega roster member.
His challenge was answered by Delicious Danny Hope, who defeated the newcomer after a Catwalk Kick!
Fox was, and still is, Furious and has demanded a rematch!
The challenge was quite bold, so we thought we would share it with you!

“Danny got lucky at Rising Stars, I had no time to prepare for him and he took advantage. I bet he thinks he’s so great, being on tv on New year’s. Well he didn’t win that match did he? Now I want to prove to him and to everyone that I am Fan….tastic when I beat him at Love and War”

Matt Fox is certainly not shy when it comes to putting his point across, and after losing to Hope in December, wanting an immediate rematch could be seen as a very brave decision.
But will the outcome be any different this time?

wropes-longPhoto Credit: Alpha Omega Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Alpha Omega Championship

King Grayson (c) vs Joey Hayes


Alpha Omega Women’s Championship

Lana Austin (c) vs Xia Brookside


Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship

Solar Power (Robbie Solar & Cyanide) (c) vs Big Sexxxy (Sexy Kev & Shaun Vasey)


I Quit

Craig Kollins vs “The Priority” Chris Ridgeway


Bubblegum vs Ryan Hunter


Matthew Brooks vs Rikki Kray


“Delicious” Danny Hope vs “Fantastic” Matt Fox


Open Challenge

Ricky J McKenzie vs ???


More Information

Doors Open: 6.00pm.

Tickets: Available now through the official Alpha Omega Wrestling website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Alpha Omega Wrestling