Two New Contests Signed For Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Love And War 2017’


Alpha Omega Wrestling have signed two new contests for their February 11th event, Love And War 2017 at The Carleton in Morecambe.

The first new match announced will see Matthew Brooks compete against Rikki Kray in singles action in Morecambe on February 11th at Love And War 2017. The second new contest scheduled for Love And War 2017 shall see Robbie Solar and Cyanide of Solar Power defend the Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship against Big Sexxxy’s Sexy Kev and Shaun Vasey at The Carleton.

Alpha Omega Wrestling announced the matches with the following:

Our next match announcement for Alpha Omega UK: Love & War 2017 features two of the newest members of the Alpha Omega roster…

“Magnificent” Matthew Brooks debuted at Golden Chance, defeating UnSexy Kev, before being eliminated from the Rumble by Kev himself.

Rikki Kray-Pro wrestler debuted at Rising Stars and quickly became a fan favourite in his victory over Miles Johnson.

The two could barely be any more different, and they will face each other for the first time on February 11th.


At the end of last year, fan favourites Solar Power defeated the unstoppable Referendum to become the Alpha Omega tag team champions.

In a great show of sportsmanship, The first thing ‘Toxic Terror’ Cyanide and Robbie Solar did as champions was grant the first tag champs – Big Sexxxy – the title rematch they never received!

So at Alpha Omega UK: Love & War 2017, Sexy Kev and Mr Big Shaun Vasey will get first crack at the tag titles in 2017.

It’s Solar Power vs Big Sexxxy!

wropes-longPhoto Credit: Alpha Omega Wrestling

wropes-longPhoto Credit: Alpha Omega Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Alpha Omega Championship

King Grayson (c) vs Joey Hayes


Alpha Omega Women’s Championship

Lana Austin (c) vs Xia Brookside


Alpha Omega Tag Team Championship

Solar Power (Robbie Solar & Cyanide) (c) vs Big Sexxxy (Sexy Kev & Shaun Vasey)


I Quit

Craig Kollins vs “The Priority” Chris Ridgeway


Bubblegum vs Ryan Hunter


Matthew Brooks vs Rikki Kray


Open Challenge

Ricky J McKenzie vs ???


More Information

Doors Open: 6.00pm.

Tickets: Available now through the official Alpha Omega Wrestling website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Alpha Omega Wrestling