New Generation Wrestling ‘Eternal Glory 2016’ FULL Results


The following results are from New Generation Wrestling’s ‘Eternal Glory 2016’ event at the City Hall in Hull on December 17th, 2016:


Joseph Conners & Screwface defeated Liam Slater & El Ligero by Pinfall.

JD Boom vs Bubblegum did not take place. Chardonnay came out and explained Bubblegum’s absence.

RJ Singh leads a cadre of wrestlers to the ring. He’s here as a veteran of the business, wanting a slice of the action. He says any good business needs assets, and he has brought his assets – six individuals he calls the future of British wrestling. They will use NGW as a stepping stone to the big money. He addresses JD Boom…calling him the epitome of everything wrong with NGW. Alex Gracie and Jake McCluskey attack Boom and then the rest of the cadre deliver “a stronger message”. Team Sports come out to Boom’s defense, but fall to “The Greatest Asset in British Wrestling.”

As Chardonnay tries to leave, Singh comments that she is part of the problem and they are equal opportunities…with Chardonnay falling victim.

Gen X Rules – Jake McCluskey (w/ RJ Singh) defeated Robbie X by Pinfall.

The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) defeated The London Riots (James Davies & Rob Lynch) by Pinfall.

Zack Gibson vs Rampage Brown ended in a double count out.

Screwface (w/ Joseph Conners, Lilith and Liam Slater) defeated El Ligero by Pinfall.

Slater saves Ligero from a beating, only to incur the wrath of Conners. As the lights drop, Cyanide appears in the ring. Conners warns Slater that he better cooperate, other they will visit vengeance upon him tenfold. He tells Slater that he will do what he’s told…this time, unmask Ligero. Conners tortures Liam, verbally cutting into him before deciding he’s taught him enough of a lesson, welcoming him home.

NGW Tag Team Championships – Ladder Match – Joe Hendry defeated Stixx to retain the NGW Tag Team Championships.

RJ Singh offers a deal to Stixx, who declines and is beaten down. The Proven come out for the save and shake hands with Stixx.

NGW Undisputed Championship – Matt Myers defeated Nathan Cruz to win the NGW Undisputed Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

After the match the lights go out and reveal Joseph Conners and allies around the ring. The lights go out again and they have disappeared leaving Myers and Cruz to shake hands.
The lights go down


Our thanks to Dynamic Thinking for the results from the show.