World Association Of Wrestling ‘#WAWTV5’ FULL Results


The following results are from World Association Of Wrestling ‘#WAWTV5’ at EPIC Studios, Norwich on December 16th 2015:


Demolition Davies defeated Alex Young by Pinfall.

Backstage interviewer Martin Golding interviewed Mr Williams. Williams explained that fans may have seen him in a lot of multiman matches but tonight he will “remove the sting from the Scorpion” when he beats Bill Duffy in a singles match, up next.

Bill Duffy defeated Mr Williams by Pinfall.

Nathan Cruz defeated El Ligero by referee stoppage when referee Scott Edgar declared Ligero unable to continue.

Nathan Cruz expressed his distaste for winning the match on a technicality and let everyone know that he would be happy for a rematch against El Ligero in the future, once the Mexican Sensation is able to compete again.

WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship – Ricky Knight Jr defeated Jody Fleisch, Brad O’Brien, Bubblegum, PJ Knight, Peter Nixon by Pinfall when he pinned Bubblegum to win the WAW Open Light Heavyweight Championship. *NEW CHAMPION*

During the match, Nixon landed on his head after diving out of the ring and was declared unable to continue before being escorted backstage by officials.

Old School (Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean) (w/ Steve Quintain and Ivan Trevors) defeated Mitchell Starr & Sonny Smasher by Submission.

Robin Lekime attacked Mr Anderson during Anderson’s self-introduction.

Robin Lekime (w/ Tommy Lee) defeated Mr Anderson by Pinfall after Luke Hawx interfered by attacking Anderson.

The UK Hooligans (Zak & Roy Knight) defeated The Regency (Charlie Windsor & Keegan) with Tommy Lee by Pinfall.

Ricky Knight and the rest of Old School sarcastically congratulated The UK Hooligans on “barely” winning their match against The Regency and reminded them that their steel cage rematch against himself and Jimmy Ocean will be the most difficult match of their lives as the former Superflys are determined to walk away with the World Tag Team titles in hand.

Nick Aldis defeated Aaron Sharp by Submission.

Ruffneck explained in a backstage interview that he was prepared to use any means necessary to end King Kendo’s career tonight.

Bodyslam Challenge – King Kendo defeated Ruffneck.

WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship – Two Out Of Three Falls – Brad Slayer defeated Luke Hawx by two falls to one to win the WAW Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.*NEW CHAMPION*

Falls Breakdown
Brad Player defeated Luke Hawk by Pinfall.
Luke Hawk defeated Brad Slayer by Pinfall.
Brad Player defeated Luke Hawk by Pinfall.

The UK Hooligans, The Battlekats, Kip Sabian, Aaron Sharp, and Mitchell Starr came out from backstage to celebrate with Brad Slayer before Zak Knight invited Slayer’s family into the ring to share the moment with him.

Luke Hawx threw a tantrum around the ringside area and attacked a fan who shouted at him. After backstage officials pulled Hawx away from his victim Zak Knight banned him from the next EPIC weekend in January, revoked his title rematch clause, and issued a fine for his gross misconduct.


Our thanks to World Association Of Wrestling for the results from show.