Sixth Contest Announced For House Of Pain Wrestling ‘Festive Fury 2: Cotgrave’


House Of Pain Wrestling have announced a sixth contest for their December 16th event, Festive Fury 2 at the Cotgrave Miners Welfare in Cotgrave, Nottingham.

It has been confirmed that “Ruthless” Bjorn Jones will compete against “Supermodel Of The World” Visage in singles action in Cotgrave on December 16th.

House Of Pain Wrestling announced the match with the following:


In what should be a hard hitting match, ‘Ruthless’ Bjòrn Jones mames his Cotgrave debut against the diva ‘Supermodel of the World’ Visage.
Say what you will about Visage’s attitude, he has shown he is a very dangerous person, especially with his feet. Jones however, doesnt back down and packs alot of upper body, high impact blows. This could get messy.

It seems that we may have the largest HOP audience ever in Cotgrave this Friday and we’ve got a hell of a show for you all.

wropes-longPhoto Credit: House Of Pain Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

20-Man Over The Top Rope Rumble

Winner Becomes Number One Contender To The Championship Of Their Choice

Confirmed Entrants: “The World Warrior” Jukèn, “Better Than You” Danny Thomas, Disco Dan, “The Suntan Superman” LJ Heron, Eddy Martins, “Mean” Marcus Hood, Garrett ‘G-Wiz’ Bond, Joseph Conners, “The Don” Alex Gracie, Bam Bam Barton, “High Flying Sensation” Ritmo, Warwick, “The Supermodel of the World” Visage, Johnny Concrete, “Dynamite” James Stevens, “Ruthless” Bjòrn Jones, “Sensational” Saj Malik, “Psychotic” Alton Thorne, “The Monster” Barricade, Destructive Tendencies (H-Block & John Carling) or The Wyld Wolves (Mike Wyld & Timbawolf).


Danny Chase Chooses The Opponent

Kyle Kingsley vs ???


Six-Man Tag Team

“The Suntan Superman” LJ Heron, “Better Than You” Danny Thomas & “Mean” Marcus Hood vs “The Righteous” Joseph Conners, “The World Warrior” Juken & Garrett “G-Wiz” Bond


Winner Advances To The 20-Man Over The Top Rope Rumble

The Wyld Wolves (Mike Wyld & Timbawolf) vs Destructive Tendencies (John Carling & H-Block)


Winner Enters Rumble At No.20, Loser Enters At No.1 – Fatal Four-Way

“The Don” Alex Gracie vs Ritmo vs Alton Thorne vs Eddy Martins


“Ruthless” Bjorn Jones vs “Supermodel Of The World” Visage


More Information

Doors Open: 7.00pm.

Tickets: Available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: House Of Pain Wrestling