Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Lights Out’ FULL Results

Reckless Intent

The following results are from Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Lights Out’ at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston on December 3rd, 2016:


The Headbanders (Rob Mills & Jackie Grady) defeated ‘The Very Good’ Euan G Mackie & Justin Deed by Pinfall

Delsin Dayre and Glen Dunbar came out to chat regarding the 12 man tag team match. Dayre said that Chris Renfrew was on his team. Jam O’Malley entered and asked Dayre to prove it and Chris Renfrew obliged. Chris Renfrew looked to be on Team Dayre until he delivered a Stone Cold Stoner to Glen Dunbar before nearly connecting another on Delsin Dayre. Chris Renfrew then shook Jam O’Malley’s hand.

Reckless Intent Slam Championship – David Devlin defeated Theo Doros by Pinfall to retain the Reckless Intent Slam Championship.

Michael Chase came out to confirm his would not be on Jam O’Malley’s team tonight. Delsin Dayre entered with a kendo stick in hand.

Michael Chase defeated Delsin Dayre by Pinfall.

Reckless Intent UK Championship – DCT defeated James Scott by Pinfall to retain the Reckless Intent UK Championship.

Twelve Man Elimination Tag Team Match* – Team Jam (Jam O’Malley, Mr News, Euan G Mackie, Craig Forsyth, Scott Renwick & Chris Renfrew) defeated Team Dayre (Delsin Dayre, Glen Dunbar, Dave Conrad, Rowan Frey, David Devlin & Jarek Nowak).

*Elimination Order:

    • Jam O’Malley eliminated Jarek Nowack by Pinfall.
    • Rowan Frey eliminated Craig Forsyth by Pinfall.
    • David Devlin eliminated Euan G Mackie by Pinfall.
    • Chris Renfrew eliminated  David Devlin by Pinfall.
    • Rowan Frey eliminated Mr News by Pinfall.
    • Scott Renwick eliminated Rowan Frey by Pinfall.
    • Scott Renwick eliminated Glen Dunbar by Pinfall.
    • Dave Conrad eliminated Scott Renwick by Pinfall.
    • Chris Renfrew eliminated Dave Conrad by Pinfall.
    • Delsin Dayre was eliminated.

Survivors: Jam O’Malley and Chris Renfrew


Our thanks to Craig Gordon and Jam O’Malley for the results from the show.