Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Rising Stars’ FULL Results


The following results are from Alpha Omega Wrestling ‘Rising Stars’ at The Carleton in Morecambe on December 3rd, 2016:


Rikki Kray defeated “The Honourable” Miles Johnson by Pinfall.

Following the match, Miles Johnson staged a sit in protest against the Morecambe fans until E-Bomb came to the ring and sent Miles Johnson packing. Alpha Omega Champion, King Grayson came to the ring and demanded that everyone kneel before him. E-Bomb kneeled only to deliver and uppercut to the champion. King Grayson demanded a match with E-Bomb and Charles Nelson Riley made the contest official and for the Alpha Omega Championship.

Andre Dekker defeated Kieran David Redman by Pinfall.

Greg Lambert claimed that he was going to ruin Ryan Hunter’s career before introducing his opponent, Benny Munroe.

Ryan Hunter defeated Benny Munroe by Pinfall.

Mr Williams hosted ‘The Classroom’ with his guest, Lucy Sky. Mr Williams stated that nobody wanted to see Lucy Sky compete anyway after her scheduled opponent was unable to attend due to injury. Lucy Sky challenged Mr Williams to a match which was made official.

Mr Williams defeated Lucy Sky by Pinfall.

Following the match, Mr Williams gloated over the win. Lucy Sky responded with a slap to Mr Williams’ face.

Matt Fox claimed that he was too fantastic to face a trainee and demanded to face a full Alpha Omega Wrestling roster member. Danny Hope accepted the challenge.

“Delicious” Danny Hope defeated “Fantastic” Matt Fox by Pinfall.

During the raffle, Serenity challenged Lana Austin, full in the knowledge that Lana Austin was not in attendance. When Lana Austin did not appear, Serenity refused to draw the raffle and left.

Alpha Omega Championship: King Grayson defeated E-Bomb by Pinfall* to retain the Alpha Omega Championship.

*During the match, King Grayson delivered a low blow to E-Bomb.

Following the match, King Grayson claimed that no-one would challenge him. Danny Hope came to ringside and said that he was not there to challenge but to deliver a message from the next challenger, Joey Hayes. Danny Hope then delivered a Catwak Kick followed by E-Bomb landing a Springboard Moonsault on King Grayson.


Our thanks to Alpha Omega Wrestling for the results from the show.