Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’ FULL Results



The following are results from Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’ at Hanham Community Centre in Hanham on November 26th, 2016:


Mr Bananas defeated Pariah Khan by pinfall.

Mike Bird defeated Eddie Ryan & Big Grizzly by pinfall.

Gideon and The Henchmen defeated The Brotherhood (Joe Mezinger, Elijah Dahl & Nathan Bane) by pinfall.

Eddie Dennis & Scotty Essex defeated The Magnums (Chris Walker & Dick Riley) by pinfall.

After the match, Chris Walker handcuffed Dick Riley to the ring and attacked him with a chair.

Jetta defeated Sierra Loxton by pinfall.

King of Chaos Championship Match: Jimmy Havoc vs Wild Boar finished in a double DQ following interference from Eddie Ryan, Big Grizzly, Mike Bird and an attempted cash in from Flash Morgan Webster.


Our thanks to Pro Wrestling Chaos for the results from the show.