Fifth Contest Announced For Knockout Wrestling ‘Fourth Anniversary Show’


Knockout Wrestling have announced a fifth contest for their November 26th event, ‘Fourth Anniversary Show’ at The Cottages in Barrow-in-Furness.

It has been confirmed that RJM shall compete against Xander Cooper in singles action in Barrow-in-Furness on November 26th.

Knockout Wrestling announced the match with the following:

The Fifth Match confirmed for Knockout Wrestling: Fourth Anniversary Show live from the Cottages on Saturday November 26th will see the debuting “Man For All Seasons” Xander Cooper take on fan-favourite Ricky J McKenzie!

Last month, RJM entered his second Road to Gold Tournament, looking to fight his way through 7 other men to claim the tournament trophy as well as his first KOW title shot since his debut back in 2013. Unfortunately for Ricky, it was not his night, as he was pinned by “Filthy Gorgeous” Robert Sharpe in first round action, ending his chance for a shot at the gold, much to the disappointment of the KOW fans. RJM has been gunning for a Championship match ever since his debut, but after being knocked out of RTG III, he must now focus on his next match if he wants to move back into contention for a KOW Championship opportunity, but this will be no easy task, as he takes on the debuting “Man For All Seasons!”

Xander Cooper steps into a KOW ring in less than a week, and the timing couldn’t be better for the “Man For All Seasons” as he makes his debut at the biggest event on the KOW Calendar, the Fourth Anniversary Show! While outwardly dignified and proper, Cooper is a calculating competitor in the ring, with 8 years experience in the business, he knows every underhanded tactic in the book and is more than willing to use them in order to have his hand raised in victory at the end of the match. Cooper has already guaranteed victory at the Fourth Anniversary Show, claiming he will outclass and outperform RJM in front of the Barrow fans and while his arrogance and confidence is obvious, Cooper may want to be wary of angering a man of Ricky J McKenzie’s talents, otherwise his debut could result in a humbling loss for the “Man For All Seasons!”

Two of the North Wests best battle it out in a KOW ring for the very first time at the Fourth Anniversary Show, can RJM end his year on a high, or will the debuting Xander Cooper make a huge impact on his first night in the company? Be at The Cottages next Saturday to find out!

Photo Credit: Knockout Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

KOW Championship

“Superbeast” Dan Moloney (c) vs “The Kid” Ethan Silver


Sheriff Rules

Sheriff Steele vs Rikki Kray


Vertigo Ladder Match

“The Boy Next Door” Drew Parker vs “Filthy Gorgeous” Robert Sharpe vs Dan Evans


“Masked Sensation” Nightmare vs Laird Grayson


RJM vs Xander Cooper


More Information

Tickets: Available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Knockout Wrestling