New Generation Wrestling ‘Live In Keighley’ FULL Results


The following results are from New Generation Wrestling’s event at the Victoria Hall in Keighley on November 19th, 2016:


Gen:X League Championship – “The Amazing” Matt Myers defeated Bubblegum by Pinfall to retain the Gen:X League Championship.

Leon Mercer and Stan Kellit of The Rogues Gallery were introduced to the crowd by the ring announcer. The spoke about working hard and being given opportunities. The lights went out only to reveal James Drake when they returned. He attacked The Rogue Gallery before attacking Leon Mercer with a steel chair before Stan Kellit could come to his partner’s aid. James Drake then attacked Stan Kellit before trapping his arm within the steel chair. He threatened to break the arm of Kellit unless Nathan Cruz changed their match to a championship defence as he found it insulting to be brought in as a replacement for Cyanide. Nathan Cruz came out and told James Drake to release Stan Kellit’s arm before questioning whether James Drake deserved a championship opportunity. Nathan Cruz informs James Drake that he will embarrass him later in the night and show him what it means to steal the show. As Nathan Cruz goes to leave, James Drake levelled Stan Kellit before facing off with Nathan Cruz. James Drake mocked Nathan Cruz by holding up the championship belts.

Screwface defeated Liam Slater by Pinfall.

Following the match, Screwface wrapped chains around the leg of Liam Slater and threatened to break it. Security came to stop the attack but were in turn attacked by Screwface which created an opportunity for Liam Slater to escape.

“The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero defeated Caz Crash by Pinfall.

The New Nation (Alexander Henry & Jason Prime) defeated Team Sports (Ace Matthews & David Graves) by Pinfall.

NGW Undisputed Championship – “The Showstealer” Nathan Cruz defeated James Drake by Submission* to retain the NGW Undisputed Championship.

*During the match, Nathan Cruz accidentally knocked down the referee which lead to James Drake bringing in a steel chair which he used on Nathan Cruz.


Our thanks to Dynamic Thinking for the results from the show.