Fourth Match Confirmed For Knockout Wrestling ‘Fourth Anniversary Show’


Knockout Wrestling have confirmed a fourth match for their November 26th event, ‘Fourth Anniversary Show’ at The Cottages in Barrow-in-Furness.

It has been announced that “Masked Sensation” Nightmare will face Laird Grayson in singles competition in Barrow-in-Furness on November 26th.

Knockout Wrestling announced the match with the following:

The Fourth match confirmed for the Fourth Anniversary Show live from The Cottages on November 26th will see a rivalry renewed as Laird Grayson collides with the “Masked Sensation” Nightmare in singles action!

Nightmare has had a rough 2016, the odds constantly stacked against him as his obsession over regaining the KOW Championship intensified with every passing event. Things have only gotten worse for Nightmare, first failing to defeat “Superbeast” Dan Moloney for the KOW Championship, before being back stabbed by longtime friend and KOW General Manager A.L.P. Nightmare would continue to fight despite A.L.P’s constant interference and the return of his oldest enemy, Taylor West, who would align himself with A.L.P, trying to break the Masked Sensations arm with a steel chair. Despite this injury, Nightmare would enter the Road to Gold III tournament, managing to pull out a victory over “#1” Damian Dunne in the First Round, before Chris Ridgeway rushed to the ring to protect him from a post-match attack from West and A.L.P. Just as it seemed that Nightmare finally had an ally, Ridgeway attacked him, taking a large payoff from A.L.P and becoming the latest “Hired Gun” of the resident KOW GM. Both Ridgeway and Nightmare made it to the final, but in the midst of the chaos of 4 KOW competitors battling it out, Ridgeway was able to roll up KOW’s prodigal son to eliminate him from the tournament, once again snatching away the Championship opportunity Nightmare is so desperate for. On November 26th Nightmare looks to start from the bottom once again, but if he wants to begin his ascent towards the gold, he will need to get past an opponent with one thing on his mind, revenge!

Laird Grayson has always been a scheming, underhanded and cunning competitor, constantly looking for ways to swing the match in his favour, and one year ago, when he entered the Vertigo Ladder match, he cemented this reputation once and for all as Lou King Sharp interfered in the contest, helping Grayson to climb the ladder and unhook the Vertigo Briefcase, earning himself a guaranteed KOW Championship match and the biggest win of his KOW career. After coming seconds away from cashing in the briefcase at New Horizons, he would come up against Nightmare, overconfident and cocky, he made a fatal flaw, as he offered to put his briefcase on the line, and in just 3 seconds, he saw his guaranteed KOW Championship match slip through his fingers, as Nightmare walked away with his Briefcase. Grayson and Nightmare haven’t crossed paths since that match, but the Laird has not forgotten, waiting for the day that he can get revenge on the man that he feels is responsible for taking his destiny away from him. It seems like no coincidence that A.L.P has selected Grayson as Nightmare’s next opponent as his personal vendetta against the masked man continues, using his power and influence to try and remove Nightmare from KOW once and for all, Grayson has always been a dangerous and unpredictable competitor, but with revenge on his mind, he could be the man that spells the end of Nightmare in a KOW ring!

On November 26th Laird Grayson and Nightmare enter The Cottages with different goals in mind, Nightmare looking to get his journey to the KOW Championship back on track, while Grayson looks for revenge and to inflict as much damage on his opponent as he possibly can, who will come out on top and end the year with a huge victory? Be at The Cottages next Saturday to find out!

Photo Credit: Knockout Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

KOW Championship

“Superbeast” Dan Moloney (c) vs “The Kid” Ethan Silver


Sheriff Rules

Sheriff Steele vs Rikki Kray


Vertigo Ladder Match

“The Boy Next Door” Drew Parker vs “Filthy Gorgeous” Robert Sharpe vs Dan Evans


“Masked Sensation” Nightmare vs Laird Grayson


More Information

Tickets: Available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Knockout Wrestling