Six-Man Tag Team Match Confirmed For XWA Wrestling ‘XWA 44: Go Big!’


XWA Wrestling have confirmed a fourth match for their November 27th event, ‘XWA 44: Go Big!’ at the Charter Hall in Colchester.

It has been announced that the team of Bulk and Big Joe of The Pitbulls and Hornswoggle shall face “Savvy Sid Scala, Adam “Flex” Maxted and Lord Gideon Grey in Colchester on November 27th.

XWA Wrestling announced the match with the following:


Bulk & Big Joe – The Pitbulls and Hornswoggle
Sid Scala & Adam Maxted – Savvy Island and Lord Gideon Grey

Yes, we know – this is bizarre; so much so that we’re not going to do a write up for this match but instead shortly release the video from XWA 43 of what lead to this match, but needless to say if strong personalities is something you look for in professional wrestling – this match has it in spades as the team of ‘Savvy’ Sid Scala & Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted AKA Savvy Island team up with ‘Lord’ Gideon Grey to battle the gigantic duo of Big Joe & Bulk AKA The Pitbulls and….Hornswoggle?!!!

This eclectic 6 man tag team match takes place on Sunday November 27 at Charter Hall, Colchester as part of Live Wrestling In Colchester – XWA 44 FT: Manami Toyota & Former WWE Stars MVP, Tommy Dreamer, Hornswoggle, Paul London & MORE!

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wropes-longPhoto Credit: XWA Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

XWA Frontier Sports Championship

Doug Williams (c) vs MVP


Paul London vs “Blackbelt” Tom Dawkins


“The Innovator Of Violence” Tommy Dreamer vs “The Anarchist” James Castle


Six-Man Tag Team

The Pitbulls (Bulk & Big Joe) & Horsnwoggle vs “Savvy” Sid Scala, Adam “Flex” Maxted & Lord Gideon Grey


Manami Toyota, Emi Sakura & Lion Kid Confirmed To Appear


More Information

Doors Open: 3.00pm. Bell Time: 4.00pm.

Tickets: Available now through the official Gigantic website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: XWA Wrestling