On The Road With ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero: The Sensational Return

So……not done one of these in a while have I! Crazy that it’s halfway through October and I’ve not had chance to actually sit down and write an article in so many months until now. Here’s what happened. Imagine you have a massive pile of washing up to do. You know you need to get round to doing it, but every day more and more gets added to it. And at the same time, someone is asking you to watch a load of wrestling and play a load of new computer games, as well as catch up with a million other things. Well, that’s happened to me! The washing up is wrestling shows. The games and wrestling are just games and wrestling. It’s a mixed metaphor. I don’t write so good these days…..

Anyway. I have worked a genuine 100 matches or so since my last article. I shall not be going through all of those matches, as I don’t think anyone wants to read about 100 Ligero matches. Obviously, the biggest part of this is down to the insane summer schedule, courtesy of MegaSlam and All-Star Wrestling. A typical week on the MSW run would be thus: – I’d wrestle at The Spa in Bridlington a Monday night, including closing the summer with a brutal and dramatic Steel Cage Match against JC Thunder. – After that, I’d drive to Hull to stay at NGW talent Caz Crash’s, then on a Tuesday morning, I’d hit a gym in Hull, before driving to Skegness. I’d first wrestle at Fantasy Island at the 1pm show, then would immediately drive (in gear) down the road to the Happy Days Club to wrestle there at 3pm. Once that was done, I’d head up to Mablethorpe to wrestle in the evening. One week I wrestled 5 matches on the Tuesday. Another week I lost my shoes. – Wednesday was just the one show, Coastfields in Skegness, which was always packed. – Thursday, I’d work at Richmond Valley Holiday Park in the afternoon, hit a lovely local gym, and then arrive at Butlins to work an All-Star show. – At the weekend, I’d work my usual independent shows, or sometimes work both an afternoon show and an evening show at Blackpool Tower for MegaSlam.

This schedule basically meant I had zero days off from the middle of July to the first week of September. I wrestled bloody loads! Had some absolutely tremendous matches during the camps, far too many to mention. One thing I was really happy with, was getting to work villain a couple of times against CJ Banks, including one bout that last 43 minutes!!

Another of my favourite and bizarre memories came from a Friday booking for MSW, which took place in Scarborough. In the rain. An outdoor booking at an open air theatre, I wrestled the extremely promising David Graves. It was an overcast day as it was, and things only got worse, to the point where, as I walked (trudged) to the ring, the heavens opened and we ended up wrestling in an extremely slippy ring for a good 12 minutes. And when I say rain, I mean it absolutely poured it down! The 20 people sat in the stands (it holds 5,000….) were loving it.

So much other stuff happened through the summer.:

– The incredible rise of WCPW, which has gone from a great show in a warehouse in front of 150 people, to regularly selling out Newcastle’s 02 Academy, to this past week selling out a 2,600 arena, a promotion that I love working for and one where I recently captured their Internet Championship, becoming the first champion.

– Continuing my feud with Joseph Conners in Southside, with numerous battles in various combinations, leading to our TLC Match in 2 weeks time!

– Had a truly INCREDIBLE time debuting in Canada courtesy of Progress and Smash Wrestling. 3 days of amazing company, incredibly receptive fans, really fun matches and some brilliant sightseeing.

– Wrestled in a dressing gown against Wrestle-1 talent Kazma Sakamoto, in a match where he smashed my breakfast bowl and landed in a pile of cornflakes from the top rope.

– Made snow angels in a ring absolutely covered in multiple packs of toilet roll in front of 2,400 fans at Progress’ biggest ever crowd at the Brixton Academy.

– Lost the Tidal Championship in a war with Rampage Brown – Used a giant inflatable penis on Martin Kirby in a tag match at PCW’s latest Blackpool event.

No topping that last one I think, so we’ll leave it there. Genuinely though, the last few months have been amazing. I can’t put into words how much I love what I do. Now I caught up with the washing up, I’m going to have a sit down for a minute.


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Where You Can See El Ligero This Weekend

Oct 14th: Real Deal Wrestling. The Pelham Suite, Grimsby.

Oct 15th: Over The Top Wrestling ‘Live At Spielgeltent Festival’. El Ligero vs Bubblegum. Wexford Quayfront, Wexford, Ireland.

Oct 16th: PROGRESS Wrestling ‘Chapter 37: A Sudden Sense Of Liberty’. Triple Threat Tag Team: The Origin: Banter Edition (El Ligero & Dave Mastiff) vs FSU (Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis) vs The South Pacific Power Trip (TK Cooper & Travis Banks) (w/ Dahlia Black). The Ritz, Manchester.


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