Wrestlezone ‘Live In Balmedie’ FULL Results


The following results are from Wrestlezone event at the Balmedie Leisure Centre in Balmedie on October 8th, 2016:


Jimbo Bannon defeated Chris Archer by Pinfall.

Blue Thunder defeated Lord Mr Malice by Pinfall.

Andy Wild defeated Jason Reed by Pinfall.

Bryan Tucker defeated Mikkey Vago by Pinfall.

Johnny Lions defeated Super Executioner by Pinfall.

Chris McDonald introduced the Tri-Counties Championship which will be award to the winner of a tournament that shall begin on October 15th. Aspen Faith then came to the ring and demanded that the championship be given to him. After being refused it appeared that Aspen Faith would attack Chris McDonald until Blue Thunder came to his aid. Chris McDonald announced the Blue Thunder would face Aspen Faith in the first tournament match on October 15th.

Wrestlezone Undisputed Championship – Triple Threat – Scotty Swift defeated Kaden Garrick & Shawn Johnson by Pinfall to retain the Wrestlezone Undisputed Championship.


Our thanks to Wrestlezone for the results from the show.