Fourth Tournament Match Confirmed For Knockout Wrestling ‘Road To Gold III’


Knockout Wrestling have confirmed a fourth tournament match for their October 8th event, ‘Road To Gold III’ at The Cottages in Barrow-in-Furness.

It has been announced Robert Sharpe will face Ricky J McKenzie in a Road To Gold first round tournament match in Barrow-in-Furness on October 8th.

Knockout Wrestling announced the match with the following:

The final first round match set for Road to Gold III this Saturday night will feature a rematch from our previous show, but with much more on the line as Ricky J McKenzie takes on “Filthy Gorgeous” Robert Sharpe in the Road to Gold III Tournament!

“Knockout King of KOW” Chris Brookes has regrettably had to withdraw from the tournament, giving “Filthy Gorgeous” Robert Sharpe a huge opportunity as he steps into his first ever Road to Gold! Sharpe has made several appearances for KOW over the last year, but has yet to earn what he really wants, a full-time spot on the KOW roster, rubbing shoulders with our own home-grown talent as well as some of the best the UK has to offer! Fate seems to have played a hand in the random drawing for the tournament brackets, as Sharpe will face the same man he competed against at our last event, in a match with a spot in Road to Gold III riding on the outcome. Sharpe would be beaten that night, but now it seems he has an opportunity for redemption as he will once again face Ricky J McKenzie in the KOW ring and if he can win this match, he moves one step closer to the Road to Gold trophy and a KOW Championship match, which could be the ticket he needs for a permanent place in KOW!

Despite their differences, Ricky J McKenzie actually has a lot in common with Sharpe when it comes to KOW. He too has made several appearances for KOW since his debut back in 2014, but despite being an immensely talented grappler, has yet to cement a permanent spot in a Barrovian ring. RJM competed in last years tournament against current KOW Champion “Superbeast” Dan Moloney, ultimately coming out on the losing end, but Ricky has not forgotten, and he would love nothing more to take another crack at the “Superbeast”, this time with KOW’s biggest prize on the line! If he wants to get that match, there are 7 of KOW’s very best standing in his way, starting with Robert Sharpe!

On Saturday October 8th at Road to Gold III, live from The Cottages, 2 men will battle it out not only for the victory, but to cement their place in a KOW ring, will history repeat itself, leading to RJM making his way to the Four Way Eliminator final or will Robert Sharpe have learnt enough from their previous contest to outsmart Ricky and beat him, taking the first step towards tournament glory? Join us this Saturday to find out!

wropes-longPhoto Credit: Knockout Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Road To Gold Tournament – Final

??? vs ??? vs ??? vs ???


Road To Gold Tournament  First Round

“The Kid” Ethan Silver vs “The Rascal” Bubblegum


Road To Gold Tournament  First Round

“Smashmouth” Chris Ridgeway vs “The Boy Next Door” Drew Parker


Road To Gold Tournament  First Round

“Masked Sensation” Nightmare vs “Number One” Damian Dunne


Road To Gold Tournament  First Round

Ricky J McKenzie vs “Filthy Gorgeous” Robert Sharpe


More Information

Doors Open: 7.00pm.

Tickets: Available now from the venue. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Knockout Wrestling