Championship Tournament Semi-Finals Announced For Absolute Wrestling ‘Absolution 2016’


Absolute Wrestling have announced two championship tournament semi-finals for their October 22nd event, ‘Absolution 2016’ at the Linskill Centre in North Shields.

It has been confirmed that Bubblegum will face Martin Kirby while Rampage Brown shall compete H.T Drake in two Absolute Supreme Heavyweight Championship tournament semi-finals in North Shields on October 22nd. The winners of each semi-final will then face each other in the final.

Absolute Wrestling announced the matches with the following:



The semifinals and final of the ABSOLUTE Wrestling Championship Tournament will take place at Absolute Wrestling: Absolution 2016 and the FIRST EVER Absolute Wrestling SUPREME Heavyweight Champion will be crowned in our home The Linskill Centre.

Here are the updated tournament brackets confirming our semi finals and the 4 men that are eligible to become the first ever SUPREME Heavyweight Champion.

There can only ever be one FIRST EVER champion, there can not be another. Some may be forgotten along the long journey but the first is an honour like no other and there are only 4 men left with the opportunity to be remembered as the first, to be remembered like Buddy Rogers, Pat Patterson, Orville Brown, Harley Race and Antonio Inoki as men and as Champions.

In the first Semi final, two veterans of the UK Scene go one on one with each other for an opportunity at the new biggest prize in UK Wrestling, when Martin Kirby goes up against Bubblegum. Two of the most respected competitors in the country will battle it out with the winner going onto face the whomever comes out on top in our second semifinal, at the end of the night.
Kirby has seen off long time friend and Absolute mainstay Prince Ameenbefore overcoming fan favorite Micky The Dragon to get this far. Bubblegum beat one of the next big things in british Wrestling Chris Ridgeway – Professional Wrestler before his opponent at last months show Zack Gibson was unable to compete, Bubblegum did however get the better of Colt Cabana instead to prove he has what it takes to be crowned CHAMPION!

In the night’s second Semi final, HT Drake will take on his mentor and the man he credits with helping him become the breakout star of Absolute Wrestling, Rampage Brown. Some people have been surprised by Drake over the past 12 months with our commentator Maffew Of Botchamaniacrediting him as “the North East’s best kept secret” but if there is one person that knows all too well how good HT Drake is, it’s Rampage Brown and he’ll be out to prove that he has taught Drake a lot of what the young man knows, but that he hasn’t taught him all of his tricks and that the mentor can still teach him a thing or two.
HT Drake beat the man that defeated him just 5 months earlier to become the first “King of the North” Liam Slater Pro Wrestler before going onto beat one of the best young wrestlers in the world Tyler Bate – Professional Wrestler at the Championship Suspects showing that he has what it takes to out maneuver anyone in the ring and Wrestle with the best of them. Rampage however has so far beaten two of the favorites for the entire tournament and has left a path of destruction along his way, Firstly he defeated Wolfgang on the first night of the Absolute Fight:Club Tour before dealing Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus his first ever defeat in Absolute Wrestling. Both men will be looking to get one over and the other and go on to put their names in the record books.

Who will be remembered as the first and who will become another footnote in the history books of Absolute Wrestling?

The only way to find out is to be there and see it first hand.

Tickets are still available online from the following.

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Photo Credit: Absolute Wrestling

Photo Credit: Absolute Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Absolute Supreme Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final

Rampage Brown or H.T Drake vs Bubblegum or Martin Kirby


Absolute Supreme Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final

Rampage Brown vs H.T Drake


Absolute Supreme Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final

Bubblegum vs Martin Kirby


Absolute Redemption – Winner Earns A Place In The King Of The North Tournament

“Liverpool’s No.1” Zack Gibson vs Wolfgang


Chuck’s Challenge – Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

“Mr Massive” Chuck Cyrus And 10 Hand-Picked Entrants Compete In A Battle Royal


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Tickets: Available now through the official Absolute Wrestling website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Absolute Wrestling