WEEKEND SHOW RESULTS: September 16th – September 18th 2016


The following show results took place between September 16th and September 18th, 2016:


Sep 16th: Scottish Wrestling Alliance – Live In Clydebank – Clydebank Town Hall, Clydebank. Currently sourcing…

Sep 16th: VII Pro Wrestling – Fight Forever – Dawley Town Hall, Telford.

Sep 17th: Alpha Omega Wrestling – Golden Chance – Winter Gardens, Morecambe.

Sep 17th: Attack! Pro Wrestling – Club One Hundred #2 – Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff.

Sep 17th: Preston City Wrestling – Wrexhamania – Liquid & Envy, Wrexham.

Sep 17th: Wrestlezone – Live In Keith – The Longmore Hall, Keith.

Sep 18th: Futureshock Wrestling – Futureshock Uproar 90 – Stockport Guildhall, Stockport.

Sep 18th: Jimmy Havoc Presents Wrestling – The Classic Grand, Glasgow.

Sep 18th: LCW Elevation – Retribution – Brockington College, Leicester.