Match Change And Sixth Contest Signed For House Of Pain Wrestling ‘September Weekender: Night Two’


House Of Pain Wrestling have confirmed a match change for their September 24th event, ‘September Weekender: Night Two’ at the St Anns Emmanuel Church Hall in St Anns, Nottingham.

It has been announced that due to Barricade being unable to appear in St Anns on September 24th, his original opponent, Johnny Concrete will now team with Absolutely Fabulous’ Visagè and Nathan Nix to face the trio of Kyle Kingsley, Lucas Archer and Tommy Taylor in six-man tag team action. It has also been confirmed that H-Block, Saj Malik, Dante Durden and Bjorn Jones will compete in a fatal four-way contest at the St Anns Emmanuel Church Hall.

House Of Pain Wrestling announced the change and match with the following:


We have received word that unfortunately Barricade is unable to make this show for his tag team collision against Johnny Concrete.
The loss of the hugely popular Barricade leaves a huge gap in the card, so HOP management have announced a HUGE replacement match that will actually be the new main event.

In 6 man tag team action, Johnny Concrete will team with both members of Absolutely Fabulous (Visagè and Nathan Nix) to take on the HOP dream team of Kyle Kingsley, Lucas Archer and HOP Full Throttle champion ‘LiveWire’ Tommy Taylor.

Also, in what should be an action packed Full Throttle division fatal 4 way, Destructive Tendancies member H-Block, sensational Saj Malik, Dante Durden and ‘Ruthless’ Bjòrn Jones will collide.

wropes-longPhoto Credit: House Of Pain Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Gabriel Kidd & “The Righteous” Joseph Conners vs “The Absolute Legend” Danny Chase & Sam Spencer


Kyle Kingsley, Lucas Archer & Tommy Taylor vs Johnny Concrete & Absolutely Fabulous (Visage & Nathan Nix)


Joseph Starr vs “The Brain Of Pain” Paul Malen


“The DareAngel” Dave Leitao vs “The Heat” LJ Heron


Steven Harris vs Disco Dan


Fatal Four-Way

H-Block vs Saj Malik vs Dante Durden vs Bjorn Jones


More Information

Doors Open:7.00 pm. Bell Time: 7.30pm.

Tickets: Available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: House Of Pain Wrestling