New Generation Wrestling ‘Regeneration-X’ FULL Results


The following results are from New Generation Wrestling ‘Regeneration-X’ at the Hull City Hall in Hull on September 10th, 2016:


*The following results will contain spoilers for future episode of ‘British Wrestling Weekly’*

Nathan Cruz introduced the crowd to an new era of New Generation Wrestling without The Control and Richie West.

“The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero & Liam Slater defeated The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) by Pinfall*.

*During the match, Richie West interfered seemingly on behalf of The Proven but instead kept preventing them from winning.

Following the match, Richie West said that although The Proven lost, they were his boys and he is the right man to help them. Caz Crash took the microphone from Richie West and informed him that while he took them to great heights, he became the anchor that weighed them down. Caz Crash then refused Richie West’s offer of help before leaving. Richie West demanded that they return to the ring and that he would pay two men to give them a beating for walking away from him. Richie West reminded everyone that he is still the Managing Director and would not leave until everyone had left the building. Mark “The Beast” Labbett came to the ring and told Richie West that while is he is still the Managing Director for now, he is in charge when the cameras are rolling in NGW. Mark Labbett then asked for assistance in having Richie West removed which lead to Richie West being forcibly ejected from the ring.

NGW Gen-X Championship Ladder Match Qualifier – Robbie X defeated Martin Kirby by Pinfall to qualify for the NGW Gen-X Championship ladder match.

Insane Fight Club’s Joe Hendry and Kid Fite were introduced to the ring. Joe Hendry told the crowd that their reaction is the reason he hates coming to Hull. Joe Hendry informed the crowd that they have hand picked their opponent and have picked a true superhuman and a monster to face them in a handicap match. JD Boom came out but was stopped by Mark Labbett who criticised Insane Fight Club for their plans. He told JD Boom that himself and NGW management have plans for him and that they will find him the right opponent but not tonight. Mark Labbett tells Insane Fight Club that he has chosen new opponents for them and they’ll be facing Stixx & Colossus Kennedy. 

Insane Fight Club (Joe Hendry & Kid Fite) defeated Stixx & Colossus Kennedy by Disqualification.

Following the match, Joe Hendry left Kid Fite to the mercy of Stixx & Colossus Kennedy.

NGW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship – “The Showstealer” Nathan Cruz defeated Doug Williams by Pinfall to retain the NGW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship.

Following the match, both men exchanged a show of respect.

Screwface defeated Liam Slater by Referee Stoppage* after repeated attacked on Liam Slater’s ankle.

*During the match, Katrina Waters, who was acting as the special time keeper, tried to prevent injury to Liam Slater but received Screwface’s mist to the face. Joseph Conners was also present for the majority of the match.

Following the match, Joseph Conners and Screwface continued to attack Liam Slater. Screwface attempted to use a steel chain on Liam Slater’s leg but was stopped by El Ligero.

The Davey Boy Smith Cup Tournament Open Invitational – Dave Mastiff defeated “Iron Man” Joe Coffey by Pinfall.

“The Righteous” Joseph Conners defeated “The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero by Pinfall.

Following the match, Joseph Conners threatened to do to El Ligero what Dara Diablo couldn’t unless Liam Slater came to the ring.

NGW Gen-X Championship/Winner Earns A Future NGW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Match – Ladder Match – “The Amazing” Matt Myers, Wild Boar , Bubblegum & Robbie X to retain the NGW Gen-X Championship and earn a future NGW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship match.


Our thanks to Dynamic Thinking for the results from the show.