Tag Team Gauntlet Announced For LCW Elevation ‘Retribution’

LCW Elevation

LCW Elevation have announced a tag team gauntlet for their September 18th event, ‘Retribution’ at the Brocking College in Enderby, Leicester.

It has been confirmed that Visage & Barbie Rogue, The Archers, The Condemned’s Alton Thorne & Felony, Steven & Harley Harris, and Zak Northern & Shauna Shay will compete in a tag team gauntlet in Enderby, Leicester on September 18th.

LCW Elevation announced the match with the following:

First Time Ever Match At Elevation

We can announce our next match for our ‘Retribution’ show on September 18th.

This will be a Tag Team Gauntlet Match. For those unfamiliar with the concept two teams will start, under normal tag team rules. A team will be eliminated and another team enters until their are no more teams to enter.

Not only will this be a tag team Gauntlet it will be an Intergender Tag Team Gauntlet Match.

Featuring the teams of

*In No Particular Order

Barbie Rogue & Visage
The Harris’ (Harley & Steve)
The Archers (Georgy & Lucas)
The Condemned (Felony & Alton Thorne)
Shauna Shay & Zak Northern

wropes-longPhoto Credit: LCW Elevation

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Elevation Championship – 2 Out Of 3 Falls

Blake (c) vs White Tiger


No Disqualification, No Count-Out

“The Prince Of Professional Wrestling” Brett Ryans vs “The Righteous” Joseph Conners


Tag Team Gauntlet

Confirmed Entrants: Barbie Rogue & Visage, The Harris’ (Harley & Steve Harris), The Archers (Georgy & Lucas Archer), The Condemned (Felony & Alton Thorne), Shauna Shay & Zak Northern


More Information

Doors Open: 2.30pm. Bell Time: 3.00pm.

Tickets: Available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: LCW Elevation