House Of Pain Wrestling ‘Fully Charged Weekender: St Anns’ FULL Results


The following results are from House Of Pain Wrestling ‘Fully Charged Weekender: St Anns’ at the St Anns Emmanuel Church Hall in St Anns, Nottingham on August 27th, 2016:


Kyle Kingsley defeated “Mean” Marcus Hood by Submission*.

*Destructive Tendencies’ John Carling and H-Block attempted to interfere in the match on behalf of Marcus Hood.

“Ruthless” Bjòrn Jones defeated “Dynamite” James Stevens by Disqualification after James Stevens delivered a low-blow to Bjòrn Jones.

Following the match, James Steven attacked Bjòrn Jones until Big Freakin Dan came to his aid and threw Stevens from the ring.

Six-Man Tag Team – Disco Dan, Saj Malik & “The DareAngel” Dave Leitao defeated The Purge (Steven Harris & Joshua) & Mr Goodman by Pinfall.

“The Brain Of Pain” Paul Malen & “The Heat” LJ Heron defeated Tommy Taylor & Joseph Starr by Pinfall*.

*During the match, Paul Malen and Joseph Starr fought backstage.

Gauntlet* – Chris Lock defeated Barricade by Pinfall to win the gauntlet.

*Elimination Order: Ky Marshall eliminated by Visage, Harley eliminated by Visage, Visage eliminated by Big Freakin Dan, Big Freakin Dan eliminated by Johnny Concrete, Johnny Concrete eliminated by Barricade, Barricade eliminated** by Chris Lock.

**Chris Lock was a surprise final entrant in the gauntlet after being announced by Danny Chase. Johnny Concrete attacked Barricade after being eliminated which allowed Chris Lock to defeat him.

Following the match, Chris Lock had a lengthy celebration which allowed Barricade to recover from his attack by Johnny Concrete and exact revenge on Chris Lock.

HOP Heavyweight Championship – “The Absolute Legend” Danny Chase defeated Gabriel Kidd by Pinfall* to retain the HOP Heavyweight Championship.

*Danny Chase used the ropes to give him leverage to reverse a pinfall attempt by Gabriel Kidd which gave him the win.


Our thanks to House Of Pain Wrestling for the results from the show.