NGW British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 13 Review

british wrestling weekly

by Dynamic Thinking


The battle for control of NGW ends tonight, with Team NGW going up against The Control in a Team Warfare match.

Team NGW would have seen Nathan Cruz, Matt Myers, El Ligero and Liam Slater go up against Rampage Brown, Mark Haskins and The Proven, however a series of unfortunate events changed fortunes for both sides.

With Mark Haskins not receiving medical clearance to wrestle by NGW specialists, Zack Gibson took Richie West’s offer of a place in Team Control, whilst a face full of green mist saw Slater taken out and injuries sustained in an attack from Joseph Conners and his new associate saw El Ligero removed from Team NGW.

Nathan may be disappointed by this turn of events, but he remains resolute in his goals.  Matt Myers is elated, riding high on his GenX League win, and explains that he wants, in the future, GenX Champion versus NGW Undisputed Champion at some point in the future – Cruz has agreed, in principle, to this, subject to NGW management approval.

“Your ego will cost you, your ego is so big,” Richie West is disparaging of Cruz, and Team NGW, but could very well be talking about himself.  He’s confident, to the point of arrogance, that he will remain in control with his faction.


Team Warfare – Team NGW vs The Control

The outcome of the match is clear – If Team NGW win, The Control disband; if The Control win, Cruz will forfeit the NGW Undisputed Champion to Rampage Brown.

First out is the current NGW Undisputed Champion, Nathan Cruz, representing Team NGW, with Zack Gibson representing Team Control and we start with two of the best hard hitters in the country setting the bar for the rest of the match.

The match will see a new man enter the ring “every few minutes” with advantage being to The Control – Cruz is out first, followed by Gibson and then Rampage Brown.  This is pretty much how the Team Warfare match will work until all men are in the ring – a handicap tag for Team NGW.

Gibson, however, seems to be playing by his own rules, refusing to tag Brown in and continuing to tackle Cruz one-on-one until he chooses.

As both men take pot shots at Cruz, the countdown begins and Matt Myers joins Cruz in the ring, allowing The Showstealer to tag in his best friend and Myers explodes across the ring.  Myers and Cruz form a fantastic team, playing within the rules, dominating Gibson and Brown.

Caz Crash comes to the ring as the next man in, distracting Myers and allowing Brown to returning the upper hand to The Control.  Crash returns to his jackal like instincts, picking his moment to attack, preying on Myers before calling in the big guns of Brown and Gibson.

Balancing the equation, we get Stixx, delivering a spear on Gibson before reminding Crash that the rivalry between Stixx & Colossus and The Proven is far from over.

The seventh man out is Sam Wilder, the other half of The Proven, who is momentarily derailed by rallies and finds himself in the ring, with Caz Crash, against Stixx.  He struts around like a particular arrogant peacock, whilst The Control pick apart Stixx.

The final man out, giving us the four on four tag team action that will form the last part of Team Warfare, is the biggest man in NGW, Colossus.

Before we get too far into the four man tag, though, Joe Hendry gloats with the NGW Tag Team Championship belts, distracting Stixx and Colossus with their former gold.  It also attracts the attention of The Proven, resulting in a disqualification for both teams as Steve Lynskey attempts to restore order.

Team Warfare continues as a tag match between Rampage Brown and Zack Gibson for The Control against Myers and Cruz for Team NGW.

A moment of miscommunication leads to a falling out between The Control, Gibson taking out Brown and tearing up the contract from West.  Foolishly, West goes to slap Gibson, finding himself in the Shankly Gates for his folly.

With Gibson abandoning The Control, the handicap is now truly in Team NGW’s favour as Cruz and Gibson take on Rampage Brown, with West reduced to running interference.

Lynskey gets taken out, giving us a few moments where there’s no official, but Adam J comes to the rescue just as Brown hits ShowStolen – we get a three count and Team NGW get the win.

Richie West in incandescent with rage, pushing around Adam J only to find himself in the hands of Nathan Cruz.

The final, lasting shot, will be Nathan Cruz as NGW Undisputed Champion and Matt Myers as GenX Champion, standing tall.

Beyond the Ropes

For an episode that would be seen as the “end of the story”, this week’s episode of British Wrestling Weekly does an excellent job of acting as a jumping on point – briefing new viewers on everything that has led to this point, whilst entertaining regular fans with its recap of events.  Incredibly well done by the production team.

Background music plays a huge part in the build up to the Team Warfare match – it’s epic, emotive and has a touch of The Terminator to it.  For something that is being pitched as history making,  With lower quality video footage, it’d be easy to argue that the music is better than the rest of the show; but, that’s not the case with NGW British Wrestling Weekly – as a complete package, the show has never looked and sounded better.

Cruz looks like a million dollars from the second his theme hits; Myers has truly upped his game on NGW British Wrestling Weekly and now, as the GenX Champion, will have a chance to shine even brighter.

As for the rest of Team Warfare – there’s no doubt that Rampage Brown and Zack Gibson are amongst the very best in the country today, whilst Stixx continues to breath life into the NGW tag team division.  It’ll be interesting to see how Stixx & Colossus are used from now on, as well as what will happen with The Proven in a post-Control NGW.  NGW has the kernels of a tag team division, especially with Insane Fight Club and Team Sports now in the mix.

A match like this presents some tantalising opportunities for the future – imagine, if you will, Zack Gibson vs Matt Myers, Stixx vs Rampage Brown and there’s still mileage out of The Proven vs Stixx & Colossus, or Myers & Cruz for that matter.

Hopefully, NGW British Wrestling Weekly will move away from the “jaunty angle” of the caption in the interview videos – something closer to the style they use in the matches could look much sharper.

The commentary team of Alex Shane and Dave Bradshaw are top notch, this week, however, features what feels like less commentary as the action tells its own story.  It’s not a bad thing, either, as the action in the ring is pretty much guaranteed to have you focusing on that.

Whilst the individual members of The Control are important players in the NGW roster, what’s next for Richie West, who is clearly a fan of his own voice?  Surely he won’t be relegated to the sidelines!  A three man commentary team, perhaps?