NGW British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 10 Review

british wrestling weekly

by Dynamic Thinking


Once more joined by Former British Heavyweight Champion Alex Shane and Flickering Myth’s resident wrestling pundit, Oli Davis, Francesca Wood and NGW British Wrestling Weekly’s dynamic duo discuss this week’s’ GenX League championship match,

Matt Myers has had a rocky journey recently and has now found his attention split between GenX and the upcoming Team Warfare match between Team NGW and The Control.  Questions are raised over Myers’ focus and ambition, especially with his recent comments about seeking the gold.

We get a flashback of recent GenX action, a preview of Dara Diablo’s recent actions and a video recapping Stixx & Colossus’ recent attack on Insane Fight Club, before Joe Hendry speaks about the injustice of the attack on Lionheart.  Hendry is incensed and promises that an injured Lionheart isn’t enough to stop the tag team champions, especially with Kid Fite in the mix.

Back from the interval, we see Nathan Cruz defeat Rampage Brown for the NGW Undisputed Championship, leading to Matt Myers talking about watching that moment and how pride turned to bitterness.  He’s got his mind set on the prestigious NGW title and knows that the GenX Trophy is the next step.


“The Amazing” Matt Myers vs Bubblegum

It’s entirely possible that, without Chardonnay, Bubblegum is even more annoying as he prances around the ring, full of himself and bathing in the hatred that pours from the fans at Hull City Hall.  He’s cocky, conniving and far too good at it.

The Amazing Matt Myers, by contrast, is the hometown hero, bringing with him the focus that has been a theme of his recent matches as he continues his quest for glory.  He’s clearly the fan favourite in NGW and the fan support is, at times, deafening.

The ten minute time limit sees Bubblegum showboating to waste time, before throwing Myers around, picking opportunities to dismantle Myers instead of getting himself into a “traditional” match.  The overconfidence, however, leads him straight into the hands of Myers as we approach the five minute mark.

Locked in combat, Myers brings out his technical prowess, showing off an armbar attempt that is bound to impress fans of technical wrestling, high flying work from the turnbuckles and plain brawling.

Bubblegum, however, is at his most dangerous when he’s overshadowed by his opponent.  Gone is the arrogance and in comes the fierceness of Bubblegum as he launches himself at Myers with a flurry of heavy hitting moves, including the vicious kicks that have levelled opponents in the past.

Myers fires back, though, and finally pins Bubblegum, securing the GenX Trophy at 09:59.63 seconds (as Stevie Aaron’s timer accurately attests).

Back in the British Wrestling Weekly Studio, Davis and Shane reflect on the GenX match in glowing terms, before we move onto Dara Diablo and his two year war on El Ligero, with footage from their past encounters, including Diablo’s unmasking of The Mexican Sensation.

Diablo speaks directly to Ligero, looking directly into the camera with chilling intensity. His warning – calling himself an agent of change – threatens to leave a trail of misery and he plans to shake NGW to its very core.

NGW’s first ever unsanctioned last man standing match between El Ligero and Dara Diablo will take place next week.

Beyond the Ropes

Trident Vision Media, the production company behind British Wrestling Weekly, have found a great blend of Wrestletalk TV chat show panel and NGW’s wrestling action.  The chat show format focuses the action though can, occasionally, feel too long – it’s a great way of getting new viewers up to speed, though.

From the second he steps through the curtain, Matt Myers looks like a star.  Sporting Union Jack themed ring gear Myers continues to be a standout in NGW and on British Wrestling Weekly, speaking with charisma and bringing a whole new level to his already impressive game – his tenure as GenX champion is bound to be an interesting one.

What next for the walking centre of attention that is Bubblegum?  Does the GenX League include a rematch stipulation?  Will Chardonnay still be at his side now that he’s lost?  One of the largest characters in NGW, it’s a much better place with him on the roster.

Tantalisingly, we see some footage of the NGW match that saw Alex Shane lose the Showstealer name to Nathan Cruz.  It’s only a few seconds and is linked to the talk of the Last Man Standing match coming next week, but hopefully NGW British Wrestling Weekly will bring us more from their archives, if only to show how far the company and its roster have come.

In an ideal world, Francesca Wood would have more to do.  Interviewing the wrestlers, offering her own insight, something… anything!