NGW British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 10 Review

british wrestling weekly

by Dynamic Thinking


NGW British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 10 brings us the Liam Slater vs Joseph Conners, a grudge match that has been building for quite some time as Conners has waged a war of attrition on the psyche of Slater.

From the British Wrestling Weekly Studio, Alex Shane and Oli Davis discuss “a totally different Liam Slater” and how dangerous Joseph Conners has become, especially with Lillith by his side.  We get a tease for an upcoming promo by Slater and, to tie into the upcoming Team Warfare match, we get a recap of Pete Dunne vs Zack Gibson.

Gibson talks about the quality of Pete Dunne’s work, taking a pop at his gumshield and finger biting in the process, but praising the fact that he’s the “real deal.” He comments on the Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup, pointing out that he’s in NGW to win titles and the deal that Richie West offered him – a place in The Control for the Team Warfare match, leading to a title shot.  It makes perfect sense why he would be considering the opportunity, even if he is somewhat torn.

Bring us back to this week’s televised match, we get footage from Dara Diablo vs Liam Slater, in which Lillith paid special attention to Slater’s brother, Dan, causing Liam to intervene.  This distraction led to Diablo attacking Dan Slater, sending Liam into a spiral that saw him lose the match.

Liam talks about letting his brother get hurt having to leave his brother whilst the younger Slater was bleeding in order to finish his match with Dara Diablo.  This is a furious Liam Slater, a complete change from the popular man we’ve seen rise up through NGW British Wrestling Weekly – finally, it seems, Joseph Conners’ mind games have taken their toll!


Liam Slater vs Joseph Conners

Slater refuses to wait for Conners to finish his silent worship in the corner, exploding across the ring at The Righteous One and throwing him around the ring.  A furious Conners returns with force and the two men collide with the force of heavyweights!

Steve Lynskey finds himself in an awkward position – no doubt something that Oli Davis will critique him upon – as they brawl around the ring.  When they’re in the ring, they are explosive together, speed and agility, superb physical conditioning and wrestling ability – two wrestlers who will have British wrestling at their feet in years to come.

Whilst Conners manages to punch through Slater’s armour, Slater rallies back, dominating Conners and showing physical and emotional strength.  It’s a distraction from Lillith, however, that turns the table and The Righteous One is able to wear down Slater before lifting him for a DDT, locking Slater’s arm behind his back and gaining a decisive victory over him.

Considering the action we’ve seen so far in this block of NGW British Wrestling Weekly – featuring Pete Dunne vs Zack Gibson, Rampage Brown vs Nathan Cruz and Insane Fight Club vs David Graves & Ace Matthews, all of which have been superb British wrestling – this elevates the action to a whole new level, physically and emotionally.

The Amazing Matt Myers Speaks About the GenX Trophy Match

Next week will bring us the GenX Trophy Match between Bubblegum and Matt Myers.  Myers talks about the lengths he’s gone to in preparation for this match, how it may effect his role in Team NGW and his quest for


Beyond the Ropes

Alex Shane commenting on the current state of British wrestling – pointing out that, for quality wrestlers, there are opportunities to wrestle many times a week, giving them years of experience, compared to other territories, in short time.  Nice touch from a man who keeps his finger on the pulse, and a testament to Slater’s work that he’s referencing him during this moment.

There’s no doubt that the live wrestling fans are completely gripped by this week’s actions and get so much from what they’re seeing, but the television cameras pick up so many little details that many will probably have missed – the close up shots of Lillith, in particular, show the silent intelligence and hypnotic intensity of Conners’ associate.

If there were any believers that Liam Slater was just “the guy with the Venga Boys theme” amongst those who haven’t seen him elsewhere, this will dispel that notion from the very moment that Slater speaks.  He shows just why he was recently Fighting Spirit Magazine’s One to Watch, why he’s spoken so highly of amongst his peers by putting on a match that will surely feature in a “Best of the Year” list.

Conners and Slater have shown, time and time again, that they are a reflection of each other’s ability and, hopefully, their paths will cross, has it already has done, elsewhere around the United Kingdom for years to come.

Great commentary from Alex Shane and Dave Bradshaw – other commentators on the British wrestling scene may want to take note.

Again, lens flare and the occasional touch of overexposure mar some of the video footage – it’s far from a deal breaker and doesn’t take away from the quality of the action.