Behind The Chaos: Reaction Over Action


I’m sat here with my post show blues after another amazing night of Pro Wrestling Chaos action from our July 23rd event ‘Wrath of Khan’. I was going to write a blog about the show and what went into it and how I felt about it. But then I got a message from Jim Maitland of Turning Face (who is brilliant, for pics, video editing, graphics. Basically everything, he’s great, contact him, use him!!!), who informed me that there’s a light shining directly into the hard cam which means it lost focus after the 2nd match for the rest of the show making it unusable….

One of the biggest cards we’ve put together and we don’t have a hard cam. For those who don’t know, the hard cam, is the stationary camera position which is normally your main shot, so if your cameramen around the ring miss something, the hardcam will get it, we rely on footage for DVD’s and on demand to continue to bring in revenue to allow us to invest into the company.

3 years ago, I would not have taken this information well. I passed on this message to my business partners Nick Woolcock and Rob Clark who both had the same reaction I had, that being the attitude of: ‘It’s done, we can’t change it, what do we do about it now’ so as I type this, Jim is going to edit the show for us as normal and make the very best out of it that he can with the remaining camera’s and we will put this show out for FREE for everyone to see as we know it’s not up to a standard that we would like.

Now I know that there’s a rather successful London/Manchester based promotion who did something similar when their cameras failed on them and yes you’re right and it was a cracking idea and most of wrestling is plagiarism. Progress are a fantastic company and it worked out alright for them, so we’re hopeful that people will enjoy what we put out.

This is just one example of when things go wrong, you have 2 choices, get mad/angry about it or work with what you have a find a solution. The most interesting aspects of this are what happens when things don’t go how you expect. Jim Cornette said it best, ‘Wrestling isn’t about action, it’s about reaction’ you can plan as much as you’d like, but if things go wrong, you need to know how to react in a positive manner, that goes for both inside and outside the ring.

Like when we announced The Young Bucks for our April show, we were very excited to have them on, we had paid for a lot of advertising for the event and there seemed to be a lot of genuine excitement for it, only to then hear with less than 2 months to go that New Japan required their services for that weekend and they were contractually obliged to appear, this isn’t the first time we’ve lost international talent, so rather than panicking, we did what we’ve now conditioned ourselves to think like: : ‘It’s done, we can’t change it, what do we do about it now’. We contacted every talent and agent we’ve ever touched base with and ended up with Drew Galloway and Jay Lethal and in a series of events that we couldn’t of planned if we tried, we had the TNA and Ring of Honor titles defended on the same night.

When life hands you lemons (did I mention we have Adam Rose in Bristol on October 29th?) you make lemonade, or maybe a nice sorbet if you have the ingredients. My point here is that doing nothing achieves nothing and having a setback can lead to other opportunities if you approach them in a positive manner. We all have moments where we will doubt ourselves and what we are doing, surround yourself with good people who you trust and trust you and you will achieve your version of success in the end.

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