NGW British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 9 Review

british wrestling weekly

by Dynamic Thinking


With more action from Kingston-upon-Hull, NGW British Wrestling Weekly returns to the final moments of last week’s episode which saw Rampage Brown attempting to demolish Nathan Cruz to secure the first entry into the eight-man tag match between The Control and Team NGW.

The action resumes with Cruz barely about to escape a piledriver, turning Brown over for Cruz Control, Cruz’s Texas Cloverleaf that he’s using to great effect, before we get both men lacing into each other, The Proven attacking Cruz as Richie West distracts the ref and a shock finish as Nathan Cruz takes matters into his own hands to rob Rampage Brown of an illegal weapon!

We then get the tease again of whether Zack Gibson will accept Richie West’s offer to join The Control before we return to the British Wrestling Weekly Studio with Oli Davis and Alex Shane talking about the Team Warfare Match.

Alex explains that the match is a four-on-four tag team match, with each member being issued a number, with number one coming out to face his opposite number, and the second man coming out after two minutes, with a two-minute delay before the next man appears.  It is, in effect, a match that will become a handicap match, with The Control having the advantage until all eight men are in the ring.  How this will play out on British Wrestling Weekly will certainly be interesting.

Team Insane Fight Club Tag Team Challenge

After negotiations with NGW management, the members of Team Insane Fight Club have agreed to return, on their own terms, to defend the belts that they’d held hostage up in Scotland.  The stipulations for their return will include implementation of the Freebird Rules – any two members can defend the belts; a missing or damaged tag team belt will be replaced by NGW management; and, finally, Team Insane Fight Club choose their own opponents.

So, with all this in mind, who have Team Insane Fight Club chosen as “the best tag team in the country” to face them and test the mettle of the best Scots in wrestling?

The obvious choice of Ace Matthews and David Graves.

Ace Matthews talks about the honour of facing the NGW Tag Teams Champions, though is honest about what the opportunity really means – he’s not convinced that Insane Fight Club are taking them seriously.  David Graves talks about their last encounter with Insane Fight Club and how they haven’t seen Graves and Matthews as a team before.

What should be an entirely one-sided affair, with the collective experience of Team Insane Fight Club, represented by Joe Hendry and Lionheart, versus the relative newcomers of Graves and Matthews, turns into a great showing for the underdog tag team.

A match that starts out with chain wrestling, with Lionheart arrogantly dominating Graves and until he tags in Matthews.  Surprising Lionheart with a display of technical wrestling, even Lionheart is impressed by what he sees, bringing in Hendry – someone who is familiar with Matthews already – who continues to suffer at the hands of the young upstart.

Lionheart robs Matthews of any momentum that he has and the tables have firmly turned in favour of the tag team champions.

With Lionheart and Hendry, once more, standing victorious, they stake their claim to the belts for the long term, only for Stixx and Colossus to come out.  Hendry scarpers, leaving Lionheart to feel the fury of Britain’s Biggest Tag Team!


Next week will bring us Liam Slater versus Joseph Conners as their feud continues.  Conners has to attend or be suspended, whilst Dara Diablo is banned from ringside – though this doesn’t deal with the ever-present siren, Lillith.


Beyond the Ropes

The explanation of the eight-man tag match, which is referred to as “The Battle for Control” Team Warfare match does make the stipulation make sense – there’s far more complex match types out there – it’s not WCW’s War Games!

Whilst Lionheart and Hendry have shown how charismatic, yet threatening, they can be on the microphone and in the backstage interview segments, this week see Ace Matthews and David Graves speak – both have charisma and, considering that they’re relative newcomers to television, have plenty of presence.

Considering the difference in experience between both tag teams in this episode, Graves and Matthews are supremely confident, and rightfully so.  They’ve not been a tag team for long, yet have gelled as a unit, supremely likeable and with a great look.  Surely, at some point in the future, NGW will put them against The Proven – their opposite number in terms of NGW Academy graduates!

At points, the harshness of the lighting robs the picture of the definition that it usually has, especially in the wide shots, though the picture quality is high quality.

The intervals will forever be a poison chalice for NGW British Wrestling Weekly – the show cuts to intervals for the purposes of television (and YouTube advertising) before returning to the action moments later.  Sometimes, they use “during the break” picture-in-picture, which works well, but uninterrupted matches, especially for championship matches, could be the holy grail for fans of this series!