Vader Furious After Will Ospreay Is Offered Business Opportunity


by Billy.


The legendary Rocky Mountain Mastodon, the man they call Vader, has found himself in wrestling headlines in recent weeks, not for his Hall-of-Fame-calibre career or World Championship history, but for his opinionated and outspoken Twitter account. Everyone is aware of the recent beef between Vader and international sensation Will Ospreay, which will culminate in a match in Ospreay’s home country of England in a matter of weeks, but the story doesn’t stop there.

With a match publicized the world over imminent, it’s only natural others will surface to attempt to benefit, or outright profit, off of the attraction. Enter “Savvy” Sid Scala, a life-long small-time hustler, thief, and peddler of the worthless. Scala has amassed an impressive wrestling resume in a short amount of time, but one that is marred by his tales of shady dealings and blatant rip-offs. Perhaps no con attempt was more famous, than a couple weeks ago when “Savvy” Sid approached Ospreay to try to cash in on his war with Vader.

Since then “Savvy” Sid has continued his get-rich-quick-schemes, planning to sell bootleg Vader merchandise outside of arenas Vader is scheduled to appear in during his upcoming European trip. However, Vader took none too kindly to “Savvy” Sid’s attempts to steal his thunder, and a series of Twitter exchanges took place.

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“Savvy” Sid has promised to be peddling his Vader merch at XWA on the 14th of August at The Charter Hall in Colchester, and has tried negotiating with the big man for a “fair cut” of the profits. Vader has dared “Savvy” Sid to show up, guaranteeing the end result won’t be profitable… just painful.


“Savvy” Sid posted an official statement on July 23rd 2016:

What will happen if and when Vader and “Savvy” Sid cross paths at XWA in Colchester on August 14th?!

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