TNT Extreme Wrestling Announce The Cancellation Of ‘Summer Explosion’ And Their Closure

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TNT Extreme Wrestling have announced the cancellation of their August 27th event, ‘Summer Explosion’ at the Fusion Nightclub in Liverpool along with their closure.

The cancellation of ‘Summer Explosion’ and closure was announced with the following:

It is with heavy heart and great regret that we have had to cancel TNT Summer Explosion 2016 and also as of today TNT will be no more.

TNT was madeand built with the fans in mind. We wanted to produce something that made you love wrestling and have that attitude/extreme ethos. The stuff that was no bullshit, hard hitting and took no prisoners style of wrestling. We wanted to give something unique to Liverpool that appealed to the demographic that loved WWE & ECW when it was at its peak.

We wanted a promotion where the wrestlers came and were not dictated to by the promoters. We pretty much gave the wrestlers a blank canvas to showcase what they could do because we know that if they were enjoying their work then that enjoyment was infectious enough to make the fans enjoy it along with them. Based on the crowds we generated and the reviews we got, I think its safe to say we established the above.

Without going into the specifics of what has happened (it would be easy to nail people to a cross but its best to take the more high ground in this instance) bitterness and resentment from someone who we have given multiple chances too have proven to be our undoing. What stings so much and what has jaded us at TNT is that it was a fan that has caused the demise of TNT. If it was from someone who was inside the business it probably wouldn’t hurt as much but when its someone that you have helped time and time again it just leaves you somewhat bewildered why someone would go out of their way to cause unrepairable damage to a company that only wanted to entertain the fans. The fans will now no longer get the opportunity to see what we had lined up for them over the next two shows and beyond, all because of juvenile behaviour of one individual.

All of us at TNT would like to thank all the wrestlers, performers and entertainers who bust their guts to give truly great shows over the past 18 months. There has been some truly awesome talent in TNT and not one of them let TNT down in their performances.

A big shout out goes out to everyone who worked backstage, from camera men, photographers, sound, runners etc. Hope you enjoyed the journey too.

TNT would also like to thank EVERYONE (apart from one obviously) who bought tickets over the past 18 months. I personally don’t recall one time where I didn’t have a awesome time wrestling at Fusion or The Black-E infront of the TNT faithful. You guys were the backbone of the promotion and I think I can speak for every wrestler when we say THANK YOU for being there and participating in TNT shows.

Sorry it didn’t last longer guys.


Jay and KC

If you have purchased tickets for Summer Explosion you will be refunded accordingly.


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