KAPOW Wrestling ‘Live In Wickham’ FULL Results

KAPOW Wrestling

The following results are from KAPOW Wrestling’s event at the Wickham Centre in Wickham on July 23rd 2016:


Team E.V.I.L. (“Mad Dog” Brian Quinn & “The Prizefighter” Karl Atlas) defeated The Solent Bombers (Kris Kay & James Kenna) by Pinfall.

KAPOW General Manager Steve Luthor announced a Heroes Challenge match with the winner earning the final entry in the Raging Rumble.

Heroes Challenge – Lion Kid defeated Dan “The Hammer” Head by Pinfall* to secure the final entry in the Raging Rumble match.

*During the match, “The Crimson Orc” Shar-Ku & “The Cyber Soldier” Onslaught attacked Dan “The Hammer” Head.

Lookachu vs Steve Luthor ended in a No Contest after “The Crimson Orc” Shar-Ku & “The Cyber Soldier” Onslaught interfered in the match followed by “The Trashman” Marcus Broome and Kamen Okami coming to the aid of Lookachu.

Following the match, a six-man tag team match was announced.

Six-Man Tag Team – Team KAPOW (Lookachu, “The Trashman” Marcus Broome & Kamen Okami) defeated Team E.V.I.L. (Steve Luthor, “The Crimson Orc” Shar-Ku & “The Cyber Soldier” Onslaught) by Pinfall.

Triple Threat – “The Street Fighter” Ash Draven defeated “God of War” Chuck Cyrus & “King of Performance” by Pinfall.

KAPOW Hero-Weight Championship – “The Prince Of Mumbai” Rishi Ghosh defeated Jigsaw by Pinfall to retain the KAPOW Hero-Weight Championship.

Raging Rumble – Dan “The Hammer” Head won the Ragin Rumble lastly eliminating “Mad Dog” Brian Quinn to earn a KAPOW Hero-Weight Championship match.


Our thanks to Magic Martin Rowe via KAPOW Wrestling for the results from the show.