NGW British Wrestling Weekly Season 3 Episode 8 Review

british wrestling weekly

by Dynamic Thinking


This week’s NGW British Wrestling Weekly brings us the return of the Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup and the return of Senior Official Adam J (possibly now a relative of Jessie J).

We start with Zack Gibson talking about the Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup and the impact it has had on British wrestling and commenting on the fact that he wasn’t eligible for the second Tournament- however, he was offered a chance to “test out” the “new guys” in the Tournament, thus allowing him to take part.

Therefore, we get the first match of the Tournament with the debut of The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne as he faces the winner of the inaugural Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup as he takes on Liverpool’s Number One, Zack Gibson.


Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup Match – Pete Dunne vs Zack Gibson

Young and bitter are two words that Dunne carries with him and he clearly lives by those words from the second he steps out to face the NGW crowd, although Gibson is far from a wallflower when it comes to self-confidence.

Dunne moves with exceptional confidence and deceptive grace – his build suggests strength, yet he’s able to move with the skill of a cruiserweight.  A capable technical wrestler, the praise of Alex Shane on commentary is well deserved.

Gibson, however, has become an indomitable force when it comes combining strength and technical ability.  He’s a man who has made it his job to be Liverpool’s Number One, British Wrestling’s Number One and the World’s Number One, and he’s got the tools to do this!

The Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup isn’t about wins and losses, it’s about the spirit of The British Bulldog.  Part of that has to be the tenacity and drive of Davey Boy Smith, but the other half has to be about the ferocity of spirit of The British Bulldog.  Both Dunne and Gibson bring that and they know how to impress.

A great debut for Dunne, a continuation of the rise of Zack Gibson.  The Davey Boy Smith Tournament Cup has got off to a great start!

With Richie West taking into account the loss of Mark Haskins in the eight-man tag team match between Team NGW and The Control – christened Team Warfare – we get the NGW General Manager’s appearance, alongside Rampage Brown, giving Gibson an opportunity as he plays on Gibson’s desire for glory and his dislike for Nathan Cruz.

West offers Gibson an opportunity to step in the ring opposite Cruz, as part of the Team NGW vs The Control match, sweetened by a contract to face Rampage Brown when The Control win – the stipulation for the big tag-team match being that if The Control lose, they disband, whilst a victory will see Nathan Cruz forfeit the NGW Undisputed Heavyweight Championship to Rampage Brown.

As Gibson walks away from the ring, it’s not clear whether he’s leaving the offer behind or considering it.  West is underred, however, as he decides that there should be an impromptu Team Captain vs Team Captain match, with the winner getting the advantage in the upcoming Team Warfare match.


Insane Fight Club Speak

Lionheart, Kid Fite and Joe Hendry address NGW management, and the fans, with disdain, pointing out that their NGW Tag Team championship tenure is on their terms.  “This is what we want and this what you’ll give us,” says Hendry.

Hendry’s charisma, Lionheart’s callousness and Kid Fite’s attitude, in any combination, are a real threat to the NGW tag team and it seems NGW management may be at a disadvantage.

Team Warfare: Rampage Brown vs Nathan Cruz

The winner of the match will get the team advantage in the upcoming Team Warfare match, as Rampage Brown takes on an unprepared Nathan Cruz, a man who was only in his wrestling gear as he was part of a photoshoot backstage.

The advantage is clearly in Rampage Brown’s corner as he steamrolls over Cruz, but the NGW Undisputed Champion is far from powerless.  Fighting back, Cruz sends Brown to the outside, which gives him the opportunity he needs.  Even the appearance The Proven isn’t enough to derail a fired up Nathan Cruz.

Unfortunately, time runs out on the episode just as we see Cruz attempt to lock up Brown.  Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see how this ends.


Beyond the Ropes

NGW British Wrestling Weekly is in a state of constant development – ostensibly produced for television, it’s a mainstay of WhatCulture Wrestling’s YouTube channel and features adverts in the same way as the TV broadcast – hopefully, the producers will bring us uninterrupted matches as a “What Culture Exclusive”.

Pete Dunne has been a man who has caught the eye of fans and gained a whole new audience after embracing The Bruiserweight as a character – he looks incredible and has a unique appearance that sets him apart from the many men who could be considered the future of British wrestling.   He has managed to take technical wrestling and bring fresh – there can be no doubt that eyes overseas are on The Bruiserweight as he continues to develop, improve and dazzle.

Zack Gibson is amongst the must-see performers in NGW British Wrestling Weekly, and British wrestling in general, as a master in the ring and on the microphone.  Intense and relentless, using Gibson as a benchmark for the Tournament is a great idea and an exceptional showcase for his versatility.

Rampage Brown proves that he’s a machine, relentlessly and methodically picking apart Nathan Cruz, with actions that speak louder than words.  His opposite number, Nathan Cruz, has upped his game, too, with great aerial dexterity adding more to his already impressive arsenal.

After a couple of weeks of audio issues, NGW British Wrestling Weekly’s commentary is back on form with Alex Shane and Dave Bradshaw on commentary, whilst the video quality continues to be exceptional.

This season of the series has has, broadly, featured a single match, with discussion and filler – sometimes leaving viewers feeling short changed in the wrestling stakes.  This week, we get two matches (well, nearly two) and an interview with Insane Fight Club.  If the producers of NGW British Wrestling Weekly are looking for a balance, they’ll eventually find it – though, hopefully, we haven’t seen the end of the studio analysis segment!