New Champions To Be Crowned At Futureshock Wrestling ’12th Anniversary Show’


Futureshock Wrestling have confirmed a fifth match for their August 13th event, ’12th Anniversary Show’ at The Longfield Suite in Prestwich, Manchester.

It has been announced by Futureshock Wrestling that the Futureshock Tag Team Championship have been vacated and a tag team gauntlet consisting of Wonderlands’ Henry T.Grodd & Noah, Sexy Kev & John McGreofor of The Sexy Gentlemen, The Uprising’s Ryan Hendricks & Don Meacho, and the duo of Soner Dusun & Sam Bailey shall take place in Prestwich on August 13th.

Futureshock Wrestling announced the match with the following:

Enough is enough.

That’s FutureShock management’s stance on the situation around the tag team division. Last autumn Wonderland took full advantage of an isolated Danny Hope whilst his partner, Joey Hayes, was recovering from major surgery. They assault The Delicious One, took the tag team championship belts and cleared out. Henry T. Grodd’s last words before he walked away with Noah… “When you want these back, come get them.”

To date we’ve not heard from our reigning champions therefore, with a heavy heart, FutureShock management have come to the conclusion that the titles will have to be vacated. In order to get the titles back from Wonderland an agreement has been reached that would be eligible to compete for a chance to become the officially recognised champions.

This doesn’t meant that it has to be made easy for them.

On August 13th in Prestwich there will be a tag-team gauntlet match to determine the undisputed FutureShock Tag Team Champions. Two random teams will start. When one team is defeated the victors will face the next team. This will continue until one team is left victorious. The participants are…

Wonderland: Henry T. Grodd & Noah w/Oscar
The Sexy Gentlemen: Sexy Kev & The Gentleman John McGregor
The Uprising: Don Meacho & Ryan Hendricks
Soner Dursun & Sam Bailey

All four teams have been fighting harder than ever these past few months in an effort to prove that they should be the standard bearers for the division. At our Twelfth Anniversary show they’ll have a chance to prove themselves once and for all.

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wropes-longPhoto Credit: Futureshock Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

Futureshock Championship – Chain Match

T-Bone vs “Liverpool’s No.1” Zack Gibson (c)


Futureshock Women’s Championship

Lana Austin (c) vs April Davids


Adrenaline Championship – Fatal Four-Way

James Drake (c) vs “The Man For All Seasons” Xander Cooper vs “Toxic Terror” Cyanide vs “The Extraordinary Gentleman” Jack Gallagher


Futureshock Tag Team Championship (Vacant) – Tag Team Gauntlet

Wonderland (Henry T. Grodd & Noah) vs The Sexy Gentlemen (Sexy Kev & John McGregor) vs The Uprising (Ryan Hendricks & Don Meacho) vs Soner Dursun & Sam Bailey


Jenson Blake vs Mark Massa


More Information

Doors Open: 6.30pm. Bell Time: 7.15pm.

Tickets: Available now through the official Futureshock Wrestling website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Futureshock Wrestling