Fourth Match Confirmed For Southside Wrestling ‘Day Of Reckoning XII’ +’Menace II Society VI’ Match Card


Southside Wrestling have confirmed a fourth match for their August 13th event, ‘Day Of Reckoning XII’ at the Rushcliffe Leisure Centre in Nottingham.

It has been announced that “Superbeast” Dan Moloney shall face “The Rascla” bubblegum in singles competition in Nottingham on August 13th at ‘Day Of Reckoning XII’.

Southside Wrestling announced the match with the following:

After their amazing interaction at the awesome 6 way in Sheffield 2 weeks ago – we really wanted to see these two go at it one on one – at Day of Reckoning 12 Dan Moloney and Bubblegum will go one on one for the first time in a couple of years , Dan has come on a lot in that time and Bubblegum has firmly cemented himself as one of the top talents in the UK today.

Photo Credit: Southside Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

‘Day Of Reckoning XII’ Match Card

“DareWolf” PJ Black vs “The Death Machine” Sami Callihan


Jessicka Havok vs Alex Windsor


The Inter-Coastal Violence Factory (“Calamari Catch King” Chris Brookes & “Violence Machine” Travis Banks) vs Nixon Newell & “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay


“Superbeast” Dan Moloney vs “The Rascal” Bubblegum


‘Menace II Society VI’ Match Card

“DareWolf” PJ Black vs “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay


Jessica Havok & Nixon Newell vs Kay Lee Ray & Alex Windsor


Four Corner Tag Team

The Inter-Coastal Violence Factory (“Calamari Catch King” Chris Brookes & Violence Machine” Travis Banks) vs The Young Wolves (Tyler Bate & “Superbeast” Dan Moloney) vs The London Riots (Rob Lynch & James Davis) vs Stixx & Flips (“The Heavyweight House Of Pain” Stixx & “The One And Only” Chris Tyler)


‘The Death Machine’ Sami Callihan Confirmed To Appear


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Tickets: Available now through the official Southside Wrestling website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: Southside Wrestling