Third Match Confirmed For TNT Extreme Wrestling ‘Summer Explosion 2016’

TNT Extreme

TNT Extreme Wrestling have confirmed a third match for their August 27th event, ‘Summer Explosion 2016’ at Fusion Nightclub in Liverpool.

It has been announced that The London Riots shall compete against The Hooligans in tag team action in Liverpool on August 27th.

TNT Extreme Wrestling announced the match with the following:

TNT Extreme Wrestling presents Summer Explosion 2016

They say that wars are often won before the battle has begun but in this case it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Roy Knight of The UK Hooligans was thrust into the TNT Extreme WrestlingWorld Heavyweight Championship, recently against the notorious rascal Bubblegum in Fusion Liverpool Nightclub at TNT Going Off Big Time. In an epic battle where victory was in the hands of the Hooligan, it was stripped from him in the shape of more cheating thanks to The Manc Union and their new member Chris Ridgeway – Professional Wrestler who made sure that the Rascal held on to the title that little bit longer.

What ensued after was a free for all that resulted in Hooligan Roy, Ruffneckand The Babyfaced Pitbull evening the odds and taking on the Manc Union and sending them packing.

Harvey Dale – “The Man With The Golden Tongue” knows the Manc Union have their hands full in the shape of the MOB so he has pulled off a masterstroke and hired the services of a tag team that have been a thorn in the sides of The Hooligans all over this country this year. So at TNT Summer Explosion The UK Hooligans Roy and zak Knight will do battle against The London Riots!!!

With everything that is going on ANYTHING can happen in this epic battle of two of the best tag teams in Europe!!!.

Tickets are NOW available at Ringside World and The Mystery Island.

wropes-longPhoto Credit: TNT Extreme Wrestling

The announced match card is as follows:

Match Card

TNT Extreme Division Championship

‘Delicious’ Danny Hope (c) vs ‘Smashmouth’ Chris Ridgeway


Knockout Or Submission

T-Bone vs ‘The Primate’ Jason Prime


The London Riots (Rob Lynch & James Davis) vs The Hooligans (Roy & Zak Knight)


More Information

Doors Open: 7.00pm. Bell Time: 7.30pm.

Tickets: Available now through the official Ringside World website, here. Also available on the door, on the night (dependent on availability).

Source: TNT Extreme Wrestling